Lower Back Pain and Sciatica Workshop

Change Your Posture, Change Your Habits, Strech and Let The Pain Go

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Here’s What My Clients Are Saying About Me...

Shona Anderson

Agata’s sessions are – In short fun. Enjoyable. She teaches you to push yourself further than you think you can go, but she knows that once you’ve gone further, there is no stopping you, no going back.

Shona Anderson

Kaja Klimkiewicz

I would like to thank Agata for her great knowledge and dedication for what she is doing as a persoal trainer. We were working together  for over a year and the effects are simply amazing. Thanks to all support and guidance, my dreams came true and I have become Miss World Poland 2016. Hopefully I am going to win the main event. Wish me luck! Vote up for Agata!

Kaja Klimkiewicz Miss World Poland 2016

Katleen Wood

With Agata’s continuous support, encouragement, advice and motivation my desire to become fitter took off! My passion for fitness grew and grew. I followed her from class to class. Squeezing in at least 8 – 10 sessions a week! Tried new things and listed to her tips. My shape change, my abilities grew and I lost inches around my problem “ass n hip area”. I became a small powerhouse!

Agata is very knowledgeable and likable at the same time taking time to correct form and making sure technically safe. The best trainer I’ve had. If you have not done her sessions, do it!

Katleen Wood

Here’s How To Book The Lower back Pain & Sciatica Workshop…

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly does this course cover?

A.  Lower Back Pain & Sciatica workshop is a complete, step-by-step course that will give you everything you need to change your posture, stretch and as a result ease your back pain.…

What kind of results can I see with what I learn inside?

A. – You will see and feel huge improvement when it comes to your pain management and prevention. Your pain will reduce and with proper program, gone. Your posture will be corrected, core strengthening will give you strong low back support. Also tight muscles that may cause pain episodes will be stretched. You will also increase hip mobility.

You will be able to clearly spot all low back pain and sciatica risk factors and causes, and effectively prevent pain episodes to come back.
You will be able to asses you posture and correct it to avoid pain.

You will learn a variety of core strengthening exercises, stretching exercises and foam rolling techniques, and be able to design effective exercise program.

How long will it take me to start seeing results?

A. – You should feel first results straight away. With applying proper stretching and mobilisation techniques your posture will improve, you will release pressure from lower back and that in turn should ease or remove the back pain.

Who should attend this?

A. – Anyone with back pain problems or sciatica, all who wish to improve their knowledge and skills. People with family back pain history, demanding job that puts pressure on back.

How much will this cost?

A– Cost is the wrong word here… This training is an INVESTMENT in yourself and your health that will let you save on costly physio sessions many times over. Right now, it all starts at just £40 to book your spot and FREE physio assessment.

But, don’t delay. There is limited number of spaces on this workshop with bookings coming every day. If you wait and come back tomorrow, there might not be a space left. Secure your spot right now…

How do I book Lower Back Pain & Sciatica Workshop?

A. – Any manipulation of your back can cause more damage and pain. To remove that risk I meet with every participant in Dundee before the workshop to conduct proper physio assessment.

I have damaged my back in the past. Wouldn't the training make my condition worse?

A. Simply click the button below to book your spot now and lock-in on this training…

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