Why You Are Not Losing Weight Anymore


Why You Are Not Losing Weight Anymore

Your weight stopped dropping and you are wondering how to start burning again?

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The most frustrating thing that might ever happen to anyone trying to lose weight is to get to that point. Has that ever happened to you?

That probably happens to most people who try hard to get slimmer.

What is a reason that for the first two weeks you do just fine and pounds are dropping, and then suddenly in the third week … nothing, even though you worked as hard as before?

Why, oh why is this happening to you? At this point you start wondering: have I done something wrong? How to start losing weight again?

The good news is you are not alone. Yey! This actually is very common thing and happens to every single person who is on a weight loss mission.

What is even better is the solution to start that burning process again is quite simple.


Understanding your weight loss

Dear ladies, you should understand that losing weight is not a simple process. It is more like rollercoaster. You will lose weight in week one and week two and then nothing in week three and the same in week four. There might be million reasons, scenarios and possibilities that are the cause of this happening.

Will that you feel better if I tell you; although your weight stayed the same you still have lost fat? Wait, wait… what?

You should understand that a bathroom scale is just showing you a number and what’s happening in your body is revolution.


You will always hit weight loss plateaus at some point.

Let’s say your goal is to get slimmer and leaner body. To achieve that you need to lose fatty layer covering your body. Losing most of the fat is complex process and it will slow down at some point.


Why are you not losing weight?

There are only two scenarios here really:

  1. You have not lost any fat
  2. You have lost fat, but your scale does not show it


How to lose just weight?

FACT! Reason number one for you losing FAT but not WEIGHT is fluid retention

Bad news, ladies, is this is quite common for us women and moms.


Reason 1- water retention

Dear moms, our bodies are hormonally programmed to retain fluids. Think menstrual cycle. Around that time of the month, we – ladies- tend to accumulate more fluids in our bodies. So, during that time you are still losing fat, but also “picking up” an additional pound of water. That is why during that time scale may show you have lost nothing.


  • Balance your potassium and sodium intake
  • Drink plenty of water


Reason 2 – you are weights “newbie”

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You are new to weightlifting and strength training and, what I have mentioned before, that getting lean body means losing fat and gaining muscles. You are fine with fat loss and just starting weight loss adventure.

FACT! Building muscles means gaining weight

This is quite common, especially if you are a newbie to strength  and weight training

Where is this extra weight coming from?

When your muscles are introduced to heavy weights, they will hold extra water. That extra water is really your bonus weight.

FACT! Newbie in weightlifting and strength training may not lose weight in the first 3-6 weeks.

Don’t get depressed. This is the reason I am always encouraging people to take waist measurements instead of using a bathroom scale. You will lose inches regardless of what your scale is saying.


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You are not losing fat

This scenario is most common among people who have decided to eat little portions throughout the day. You are doing so well and suddenly nothing. Why?

What have you done wrong?  There are few reasons why you have stopped losing fat.


Reason 1 – you are not in energy deficit

That’s simply means you need to burn more energy than you eat. You are not losing any because you are eating too much food or not moving enough.

You have to be smart now. If you will eat less you will lose muscle mass and weight loss program will dramatically slow down.


Watch what and how much you are eat.



  • Meal Plan

Following meal plan will help you control what you eat, avoid overeating or unplanned snacking. If you are a mom, and are really busy write down what you will have each day and stick to that list. Golden rule is to eat only what is there.

  • Be careful with “Cheat Meal”

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We are allowed to have something: “naughty”, something we desire, a favourite meal not necessary considered “healthy”.

It is ok. I highly recommend doing that but be careful. One cheat meal may lead to cheat day. That one crazy eating day may totally sabotage a whole week worth of clean and carefully planed eating.


Apply portion sizes rule to your cheat meal. Make it as big as any other meal during the week but not bigger.


Reason 2- you are not exercising enough

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Experts are advising that if you want to lose weight you should follow smart eating plan and have regular physical activity such as resistance training or aerobics.

If you do all of that and your weight is still the same here is what to do;

– To stimulate your body again change exercise plan. Try 4-5 hours of weight based training and 1-2 hours of high intensity cardio per week. If you don’t have that much time, it’s ok. Just make sure you stick to that proportion: 2:1 weight- cardio



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