Why Woman Should Train Like a Man

Why Woman Should Train Like a Man

What do you consider as a perfect female body? Is it bonny and skinny or toned and slim?

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I aim for the second.


I have mentioned before that if you want to get toned effectively; you should focus on heavy weights training in order to build muscle tissue.


I can see you going into “panic mode’ now. Probably some of you have a picture of muscular, bulky lady – bodybuilder type like – in your minds.


You could not be more wrong.


Ladies, our goal number one is to lose fat. Our goal number two is to get flat, slim but yet define stomach, toned legs, firm and round butt.


That’s it. We don’t need anything more to be happy. Well, at least some of us.


You know what skinny fat is? That is the kind of person that mainly focuses on losing fat. They will get slimmer body, but they will never be toned. That is the kind of people that look like million dollars in their clothes, but without them, they have little “pooch” here and there.

How to get toned body, ladies?

  • Lower your body fat percentage by having healthy and balanced meals.
  • Build muscles and toned body by strength training .Lift heavy weights.

Are you panicking now? Are you scared of heavy weights lifting?

Don’t be.

FACT! It is extremely difficult for women to get “bulky” body. Testosterone is responsible for massive muscle growth and its level in our bodies, ladies, is low, really low.


Ladies, by lifting heavy weights you will NOT get bulky. Period.  

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Benefits of weight training for ladies:


  • Lower chances of getting cancer
  • Lower chances of getting diabetics
  • Lower chances of getting osteoporosis
  • You will improve your faster metabolism rate
  • You will get energized
  • You will feel happy
  • You will get stronger
  • You will get your desired curves
  • Your skinny jeans will look amazing on you


Weight recommendations for ladies:


Use so much weights that you are able to lift it between minimum of 8 and maximum 10 times. No more.


FACT! The older you get, the more weight lifting based training you should do weakly.



With age we will lose more and more muscle mass.


With your muscle mass decreasing;


  • You become weaker
  • You will get chubby
  • Your metabolism will slow down
  • Your bone mass will decrease

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If you do weight training of any other kind, make sure you will get proper pre and post workout meal. It should contain 30 g of protein and carbs.

For post workout meal, add a little bit more carbs.

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