Why Too Much Exercising Could Be Bad.

Why Too Much Exercising Could Be Bad For You.

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Pretty much every one of is heard at some point , that exercising one hour daily is really good for you. Have you ever heard from your doctor, or read that in the magazine?

It been proven that smart exercising is beneficial for you, if you will do it right. Pushing it too far and over-exercising is much worse than not exercising at all. Do you know someone, who is training every day very hard?

Even though on the outside they may look toned and super healthy, they are probably in the worse shape than couch potato is.


You must at least once in your life heard a story of athlete or sport professional having serious heart problems or even dying.

During exercising your heart will pump five times more blood per minute, than while at rest mode. Our hearts are capable to take this kind of volume from time to time. When it is under such a pressure daily your heart is over stretching and facing it’s structure damage. That situation is the most common among runners, especially long distance run enthusiasts.

What is the safe amount of exercising now?

The Worlds Health Organization have changed recently their recommendations according exercising. According to WHO it is recommended to;

-do 150 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic physical activity per week


  • Do 75 minutes of vigorous- intensity aerobic physical activity per week.


Which group are you? Are you pushing it too far or not at all? Those numbers are only suggestions and doing anything around them is still ok. Don’t use those data as an excuse not to do anything. Keep in your mind that aerobics or more intense exercises are only options. You can stick to yoga, swimming, biking, and walking. Anything is better than doing nothing. Start today and feel better tomorrow.

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