Why I hate „pre-pregnancy weight” phase and love „fit and healthy”

Why I hate „pre-pregnancy weight” phase and love „fit and healthy”


As a mom of two kids I am happy with my weight now. I can’t even remember how many times in the last few years I have been asked how long it took me to go back to my pre-pregnancy weight. The answer is I haven’t managed to do that and I have no intention of doing so. It is the first time in my entire life I am truly happy with the way I look.


I remember the time before I had kids when I used to look like a stick. All clothes looked like potato bag on me. I truly hated it. I was slim, skinny even and probably looked perfect to most o girls but I felt bad about my body and myself. I lacked the confidence.


After my first pregnancy I bounced back to my pre-pregnancy weight in less than a month. After that it was even worse. I became walking skeleton. I have heard from my husband on several occasions that he preferred my body from a few days after I had Lucy. He still has a picture of me taken one week after I had her on his desk. I did not get it.


Now after second pregnancy I am still slim but not skinny anymore. My weight is healthy and I turned unwanted baby fat into muscles. I am not skinny, I am toned and I am fit. Now I finely have women’s curves and I love my body. I am proud of every single stretch mark on my body. To me they are like scars after a battle and true reminder what I have been through.


It took me long time to get where I am now. Society, friends, media are not making it any easier to us, moms. These days I am sensitive about using “pre-pregnancy weight” phrase. As a new mom you are bombarded with that phrase every day. Dear moms, that number, your old weight is not magical and it will not give you super powers.


Media love “pre-pregnancy weight” line. How dare they throw it at me all the time? Who are they to say who is hot and who is not?  Dear media, I am not going back to that number ever. I have decided to love my body. I have decided to take care of myself and be healthy. “Fit” and “healthy” are my two new favourite words. I made promise to myself to eat clean and feel amazing. If you want to know how I have achieved all of that, please continue reading. I will share with you my journey.

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