Why Eating Proteins Is So Important

Why Eating Proteins Is So Important

Secret weapon in uneven fight with FAT is finely revealed. Use it, fight and win.

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Getting slim body after pregnancy is a hard work. Losing weight is complex process of balancing the right amount of exercises with right eating.

Even though you are busy moms getting few minutes here and there for exercise can be easily done. Good workout takes just a moment and can be fitted into even the busiest schedules.

The hardest part is to stick to regular and right meals. If you eat smart you will lose weight. Good diet contributes to about 80% of weight loss, so make sure you pick the right food for every meal and snack throughout a day.

I have heard from many moms how hard it is for them to prepare separate meals; one for them aimed to lose weight and the other one for their families. Dear ladies, you are not running a restaurant (even though it feels like it sometimes), so cook just once.

TIP! Cook one meal for the whole family but use different proportions on your plate. Your focus is to eat more protein.

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Proteins are your golden ticket to weight loss.

For a breastfeeding mom, eating proteins is good for both a safe weight loss and high quality milk production.


Why we need proteins?

Protein rich food is absolutely essential for our metabolism because they give you energy boost and stabilizes sugar levels. When it comes to proteins the question is: are you eating the best protein out there?

Proteins are very important to our bodies. They are fundaments to smooth and effective day by day function.


Proteins role;

  • build muscles (more muscle means faster weight loss)
  • help to establish hormone balance
  • make digestion easier
  • boost your mood
  • prevent weight gain (they are keeping us full for long time)
  • are an amazing energy source – low protein intake result in low energy levels, low concentration, tiredness, and mood swings.


Proteins are good source of energy for new moms.

In order to get good results you need to;

  1. Eat right high-protein food.
  2. Eat enough proteins during the day.

Yes, not every protein food is the same. There is plenty of protein foods out there and just a handful of high-protein food.

FACT! All the processed foods are having small amount of proteins in it. You should choose raw proteins to get the good stuff.

The best source of protein food are;

  • grass-fed beef                                    – 3 ounces                    = 19 g of protein – 0,67 oz
  • raw diary – unpasteurized
  • wild-caught fish (salmon, tuna)        – 3 ounces                    = 17 g of protein  – 0,59 oz
  • lentils                                                 – 1 cup                         = 18 g of protein   – 0,63 oz
  • chicken (organic) – 1 chicken breast        = 16 g of protein  – 0,56 oz
  • black beans                                         – 1 cup                         = 15 g of protein  – 0,52 oz
  • raw milk                                             – 1 cup                         = 8 g of protein  – 0,28 oz
  • kefir                                                    – 6 ounces                    = 9 g of protein – 0,31 0z
  • yoghurt                                                 – 6 ounces                    = 9 g of protein  – 0,31 oz
  • raw cheese                                          – 1 once                       = 7 g of protein  – 0,24 oz


How much protein you should eat?

Amount of protein intake will vary depending of your needs and goals, age, sex and body weight.

For average person;

  • 56 g  (1,97 oz)  per day for men
  • 46 g  (1,62 oz)  per day for women


If you are trying to build muscles and to lose weight your calculations will be different.

My weight is 123 pounds. I will multiply that number by 5.

123 x 5= 615 

My daily amount of protein will be 61 g each day (2,15 oz)


TIP! Each meal should contain 30 g  (1,05 oz) of proteins. That way you will easily have your minimum daily intake covered.

Spread your protein intake throughout a day to make it easier for your body to process it. My score is 61, so I am trying to have minimum 20 g (0,70 oz)  of protein with my larger meals (breakfast, lunch, and diner).


TOP benefits of eating proteins:

  1. They will stop you from feeling hungry
  2. They will help you build muscles
  3. They will boost your mood
  4. They will help to control sugar levels (sugar is responsible for putting on weight)
  5. They will help to build strong bones
  6. They will improve your concentration and memory

FACT! Eating high-protein content food slows down sugar absorption.

What happens when you don’t not eat enough proteins?

Not enough

Proteins      => muscle mass

decreasing   => less energy => you will start

overeating as your

will fill hungry all the time  =>

you will eat more sugary

food to get quick energy

source                              =>                                                                                                                                                                                                you will put

                                                                                                                                                                                         more weight on

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