Why breastfeeding is your number one pooch killer

Why breastfeeding is your number one pooch killer

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Mother Nature is amazing because she knows how to do things right. Our bodies and us are programmed to breastfeed our newborn.


That extra fat tissue around your belly is like a warehouse where your body is storing extra fat to support breastfeeding. This extra fatty tissue will disappear quicker if you breastfeed and you will burn more calories naturally just by producing more milk. Win-win situation for you and baby.


It is fact that breastfeeding moms do burn extra 300-500 calories a day. There are so many women out there skipping meals or going on strict diet from day one after childbirth. You should never do that. Why?

feed time moms fitness heaven

Here is 4 reasons why you should never go on diet while breastfeeding;


  1. your milk quality will go down
  2. you will feel tired
  3. you might stop producing your milk
  4. you will not burn as many calories as during breastfeeding

Nursing is golden ticket to pre-baby body.

Your breasts begun to gear up for feeding your baby as soon as you are pregnant. Bigger, sensitive breasts are first sign of pregnancy. After your baby is born the oestrogen and progesterone levels in your body start to drop and it starts to produce a lot of prolactin. Prolactin is responsible for milk production.

As your baby starts to suckles, milk is released from your breasts.

During breastfeeding you might feel some contractions in your belly during first few days from the labour. This will feel like light labour contractions. Oxytocin is responsible for that as well as for your uterus (womb) to shrink back to pre-pregnancy size.


The United States Department of Agriculture reports that women who breastfeed their babies for at least 3 months loose weight faster than those who give their babies formula feed.


It takes approximately 20 calories to produce 1 oz of milk. What does it mean for you? 500 calories per day. It is actually better than light housework which is 246 calories.


During breastfeeding you will lose up to 1.5 pounds a week. Not bad for doing nothing but feeding your baby.

5 benefits of breastfeeding;

  1. your baby will get the best quality food
  2. it will reduce chances of your child developing asthma or allergies
  3. breastfeeding can promote postpartum weight loss
  4. breastfeeding burn calories – up to 500 calories a day
  5. breastfeeding provides health benefits for mom’s

Dear mom’s it is beneficial for you and the baby to breastfeed. It is a win – win situation. You will loose weight much easier and your baby will be happier, calm, healthy.

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