What Fitness Industries are NOT Telling You

What Fitness Industries are NOT Telling You

The truths the fitness industries doesn’t want you to know…

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Have you ever wonder why despite so many magazines, fitness clubs, workouts on DVD only small fraction of people manage to get what they wanted? Do you believe everything the industry tells you?


What if I tell you fitness industry is growing because you believe them? Once you are in their trap that’s it. You are doomed. Do you think they care how you look or if they can help you? No. they want you so you can give them your money.


How do they work?


Once you put your trust in them all it will start. They will give you one of “amazing and revolutionary” Quick fix solution. That quick fix solution will give you some result, minimal one.

If you really succeed and get to your dream body do opposite to what you can read in all the magazines.

Here are just few things fitness industry doesn’t want you to know;

  1. Diet


You don’t need a diet to lose weight. You don’t need to starve yourself to see results.

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Fitness industry trick; by starving, dieting you are ruining your health, body and metabolism. When dieting your weight will go back up for 100% the moment you stop and fitness industry knows that. They will give you a super diet, hope (small weight loss to show you that it works) and then you will put even more weight on. Then they will offer you another “miracle diet” which works the same.

 2. Supplements

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You don’t need all the wonderful, fat burning pills and supplements. You really don’t need to spend fortune every month on them.


Fitness industry trick:


They want you to spend money, a lot of it on their products. They will do everything for you to believe that they work. Think about who advertises the pills? Supper skinny models age 20 with no kids and bodies that have not experienced pregnancies. Why do you think they are not using 50+, 60+ people to sell that particular product? Because it is marketing trick. They want you to believe that after taking that particular pill which they sell you will get body, hair even a face of that model.

3. Routines

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You don’t need to change your workout routine every few weeks. You don’t need to add new, better moves with fancy equipment every week.


Fitness industry;


They want you to buy their workout DVDs and their equipment. They want make you to believe their exercises is the best and you need them to succeed. That is such a lie. Stick to basic, minimum equipment for maximum results.

 4. Gym

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You don’t need to spend hours, and hours 7 days a week in a gym. You don’t need to feel like you live in there. You don’t need supersets, maximum sets and similar.


Fitness industry;


They want you in there. They want you to buy memberships, platinum, golden, senior packs. They want you to buy their products at gym shop. They want you there and they do anything to get you in there.

 5. Cardio

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Cardio sucks. You don’t need to do hours and hours of cardio every day. No more jumping, shaking, hurting your knees, wasting valuable time. No more cross-trainers, no more treadmills.

 6. Cheat food

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You don’t have to eat only vegetables or fruits. You don’t have to sacrifice all the food you love. You don’t have to eat tasteless food.


Fitness industry;


How many times have you heard about wonderful meal plans, power bar highly recommended by a fitness company? Do you know that most fit magazines are owned by supplements companies?


Look closer at them. What kind of companies you can find in these magazines? Supplements and supplements only.


Let’s say you are looking for solution, a workout to get to your goal. In magazines, you will find only articles that will give you a lot of advice which should be followed by you purchasing their product. They will never help you to achieve your goal. Never.


Fact! Fitness models do not look the way they look because of taking supplements.

Their look is a result of years, and years of hard work.


Magazines trick!

  • They offer you “tricks”
  • They flood you with advices
  • They offer quick fix solutions
  • They offer amazing “new” exercises
  • They always seem to discover “new” training methods
  • They love word “hack’
  • They love supplements9

Majority of fitness supermodels on covers are professional body builders with years of hard work and training

Now look into your fitness club;

  • Can club “professional” stuff answer your questions?
  • Are they coming with something special or copying magazines?
  • Are fitness instructors and personal trainers in tip-top shape with perfect bodies?
  • Poor eating habits equals fat body, no matter how much cardio you do.

Dear Ladies, keep your eyes and mind open, dont go crazy and keep going.

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