Tricep and Bicep Training

Tricep and Bicep Training

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It’s a month of love but also last cold month of the year. As from March the spring will come and that means we would wear lighter clothing and expose our arms.


It is perfect time to start focusing on your arm shaping muscles; biceps and triceps.



Try to train them at he same time and equally hard. The biggest mistake people may make is to perform endless exercises for bicep and neglecting tricep.


Yep, it may look nice in front but what about back of your arms and all the bits that hang down?

Treat your arms as one training element and spend split time  performing 50/50 for tricep and bicep.


To perform this training you will need a set of dumbbells 2kg, 3kg up to 5 kg.


Exercise 1


Plank with arm rowing


Make sure your body is straight, keep strong abs and back muscles.


Keep legs hip distance apart.

Place arms on weights.


Tip! If you are a beginner, drop knees to the floor.


Breath out and raw arm up. Keep elbow by your side, weights close to body.

OPTION; in standing 

00posing 9

Exercise 2


Arms kick-backs

back kick

Performing this exercise please make sure that you are moving only your forearm. You only can move your arm the moment your elbow goes to the straight position.


Exercise 3 and 4


Arm front and side lifts



As you breathe out lift both arms in front of you to shoulder level. As you, breathe out lower arms to start position. (Arms on your side)

00squat and lift

For side raise lift arms only to shoulder level, but to the side.


Exercise 5


Overhead tricep extensions


During exercise move only forearms aiming weights right between shoulder blades. Elbow will point up.



Exercise 6



Bicep curl



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