The Secret of Keeping Bikini Body Whole Year

The Secret of Keeping Bikini Body Whole Year

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Times have changed and some lucky people can afford now to go on holiday whole year long, wherever they want to (well almost). Waiting for summer season is no longer a problem because you can just go to hot, sunny destination in the middle of a winter, so wearing bikini in January is ok. Question is, are your bikini body is ready for it?


It will be.


With just a few exercises and changing some eating habits you will get bikini body for a whole year. And yes, you can keep it.


Expect to see reduction in body fat, feeling fitter and look amazing.


Be realistic


What do you want? By deciding what you need it will make it easier to set realistic goals in realistic time slot.

Forget about getting bikini model body in just four week time, if your body shape is similar to apple right now with a lot of excess fat.


In that case, your goal is to lose as much as you can, work your muscles and start new eating habits. Going from size 16 to 10 in four weeks is just not going to happen. Even size down with more toned body is a massive achievement.




Learn how to eat to get slimmer and fitter body. Understanding balanced combination of healthy, nutritious diet, more active day- by- day routine, and regular exercises are your key to success.


Benefits? I can think of few;


  1. fitter body
  2. healthier body
  3. slimmer body
  4. healthy, glowing skin
  5. cellulite reduction and future prevention
  6. thicker, stronger, shiny hair
  7. high energy levels
  8. high metabolism need
  9. less toxins in your body
  10. more confidence
  11. capable of doing anything, anytime
  12. better sex

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Bikini fit eating plan


There are a few steps which you can use on your journey and you have to prepare your body gradually to it. It is not going to happen overnight (I hope not).


Startfrom following one eating (diet) change at the time. If you will do it too fast, your organism may go into shock and make you ill.




Eat and drink to detox

overnight oats 5 momsfitnessheaven

You will cleanse your body after years of eating wrong foods. Your goal is to flush out all bad things that came from sugar, fat, preservatives and alcohol.


The best ways to detox your body;


  1. Water

strawberry water momsfitnessheaven

Average person needs 1,8L of water daily (3 pints) – sweet drinks, sodas, alcohol, and sugar packed juices do not count.



– Clean water

– Fruit infused water

– Freshly squeezed (no sugar) juices

– Herbal teas


If you plan to start your exercise program at the same time as your detox, you need to drink more because you are going to exercise more.

2. Smoothies and vegetable juices

mango green smoothie momsgitnessheaven

Smoothies and veg juices are amazing and probably they are the best way to start introducing your 5 a day fruit and veggie portions. Start with one small fruit smoothie a day, maybe few times a week at first. Soon it will become an addiction and part of your daily routine.


TIP! Freshly made juices (fruit, vegetables or mixture) will give you a right dose of nutrients.


Best combination;


Apple + carrots

Raspberry + peach

Apple +carrots + strawberries

Tomato +cucumber


TIP! The best are; carrot, celery, parsley (green part)

3. Snack new vegetables


That is your next step. Pick your favourite vegetable, wash it, cut it into bowl and snack throughout a day. Without realising, you suddenly eat fresher, unprocessed and less toxic food.

4. Make lunch/dinner switches

quinoa salad


  • replace white pasta for whole grain
  • choose brown rice
  • try new like quinoa
  • cook or steam your favourite vegetables

5. More protein


That is the biggest step. Recognising good portion source and fuelling your body with it is a milestone.

Good protein will give you leaner body, more muscle tissue, faster metabolism and will keep you full for long time.


The best protein sources out there;

aatruskawy momsfitnessheaven k

  • fish
  • lean meat (chicken, turkey, beef)
  • eggs
  • cottage cheese
  • lentils
  • leguminous
  • Greek yogurt


Top detox food to include in your diet;


  • apples
  • cayenne pepper
  • parsley
  • celery
  • berries
  • garlic
  • cinnamon
  • ginger
  • leafy green vegetables
  • leeks
  • mango
  • onions
  • fresh pineapple




Creating balanced diet


  1. Clearyour house


Your house is making you fat! Literally. You need to DETOX your house too. In here…..

You can read how exactly your house is making you fat and how to fix it.

2. Making right choices


You will be surprised how addicting and “normal” it will be for you to reach for lighter and fresher food. It will become automatic, like picking clothes or brushing teethes.

3. Eat to lose

apple d

After detoxing and introducing new products into your life, it is time to eat enough to loose more. Simply, if you want to lose weight and drop dress sizes you should eat a little less.


But less of what?


  • Less processed food. They are packed with salt, sugar and trans fats. They are slowing down your metabolism, making it harder to burn calories
  • Less fatty food including deep-fried, fried. For cooking and dressing use good quality fats (coconut oil, olive oil). Add nuts and seeds (flax seeds, walnuts, almonds) to your meals.
  • Pick right amount of protein. Proteins are your muscle food and will help you during your weight loss program. Like any other food if you eat too much proteins they will turn into fat.


Adult person needs 1g of protein per one pound of body weight.


For more info go to….


  • avoid sugary drinks and food


Sugar is everywhere and in everything like sauces, ketchup, cereals, yogurts, fruits. Start reading labels and pick products with ‘0’ sugar content.


10 weight losing tips to lose weight Right Now


  1. eat little but often
  2. do not skip breakfast
  3. drink plenty
  4. enjoy your food
  5. planyour meals ahead
  6. shop with shopping list
  7. read labels
  8. low fat products and meals
  9. snack on fresh fruits and vegetables
  10. no alcohol


What to do when you have family event or just night out with friends while on eating plan. Do not panic. Follow my tips on how to eat out while losing weight.


7 tips on how to eat out and not to get fat

caffe latte


  1. eat less in the morning and throughout the day you plan to go out
  2. drink before and during your meal
  3. read menu carefully, choosing meal with high protein content
  4. do not have more than two courses
  5. do not eat appetisers and starters (most of them are metabolism killers)
  6. no meals with creamy sauces
  7. choose meals with vegetables

Bikini fit exercises


If exercising is something new to you or you have not exercised for long time divide your exercise program into 3 stages


Warm-up exercises


  • walking (interval walking – different speed)
  • walking with arms swings
  • walking with weights
  • walking + jogging mix
  • running



Progress slowly. Nobody expects you to run on your day 1. Do extra few minutes every day and add more intensity (that way you will build up your fitness level safely)


  • twists
  • walking on spot
  • jacks
  • jacks moms
  • scissors
  • squat mms
  • squats
  • leg kicks

kick d

When you feel confident with your walking, jog and introduce aerobic exercises.


#aerobic exercises


  • skipping
  • double leg jumping
  • running- intervals
  • jumping jacks
  • mountain climbers
  • burpees




  • side crunches
  • side crunch 8
  • bicycles
  • bicycle momsfitnessheaven
  • toe touches
  • toes momsfitnessheaven
  • scissors
  • leg drops
  • leg drop momsfitnessheaven
  • plank

plank momsfitnessheaven

When you feel ok and able to perform exercises without going breathless, change intensity



After that, there will be time for peace of resistance weight training.


Introducing weights into your exercise program is crucial. Resistance and weights will build your muscle tissue.


More muscles = toned body

More muscles = faster metabolism

More muscles = you are stronger, capable of doing more

Muscles= you will burn while sleeping


Tryto do weight training at least 3 times a week




Good for you;


– squats

– deadlift

– dumbbell front and lateral rises

Chest press- standing and bench (flat)


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