The Hardest Week in Every Fitness Person Life

The Hardest Week in Every Fitness Person Life

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I consider my life almost perfect. I am truly grateful for everything I have, for my family, friends, everything. Life was not easy on me, but I believe that every bad thing in your life happens for a reason. Those challenges will make you stronger person with thick skin.

I know that I am who I am because of every good and bad thing that happened to me. You should be to.


If you are fitness fan and you attend fitness classes on regular basics you will know what ‘launch week’ is. My nightmare.

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‘Launch week’ in every fitness club is a week when all new releases of fitness programs are introduced to members. New music, new moves, new muscles challenged.

I will give you massive tip; if you are new to fitness or you about to start fitness adventure, ‘launch week’ is the best time to do it. Why?


Here are 4 top reasons;


  1. New releases – we introduce new releases to you, and nobody knows what is coming so everyone starts at the same level
  2. Nobody will watch you. If you are worried that people would be staring at you because you look like a first timer, do not worry. In first week all eyes will be on me- instructor. As I have mentioned before, nobody knows what is coming (except me) so everybody is focused on shadowing my moves. Trust me you are safe.
  3. Easy level– yes only easy and medium level. There will be no hard options in week one.
  4. Everyone will make mistakes.  Every single person will make mistake at some point during that week one so you do not have to worry that you will be the only one. You know what- even I make mistakes, but as I always say ‘there is no wrong movements in my classes, just keep moving with a smile’.



Why is it my worst fitness week?


  1. I am sore.

No, my body is actually in agony and every single muscle is literally ‘on fire’. Trust me, even if I am in front of you and smiling, I am sore, I can feel new challenge, my body is adjusting to new workout the same as yours.

  1. It is hard to talk and breathe.

That person in front of you- “me’- during “launch week” have to talk to you much more than ever. I need to explain every move, correct and give options in advance so you are not lost and safe. Trust me, doing something first time is hard for you and for me to. My body needs at least few classes to get used to the new moves. Talking all the way is not making it any easier – it will drain your energy.

My advice: pay close attention to your fitness instructor. Have you noticed how sweaty and breathless they are during first week of new exercises? Now you know why.

  1. I am 100 % in it.

Yes, as an instructor I should not take easy options. Even if I will give you few easier modifications to each exercise, as a leader of the class I should stay with harder options. To encourage you, to keep you company, to show you that it is possible. Going 100 % is my thing and I love it, but during “launch week” with all extras, it is hard.

Think in only one-week time I will be introducing new releases in 10 clubs. When you will put amount of clubs and classes in each of them, weekly number might be overwhelming.


My muscles need time to adjust to new moves. They need to learn new pattern and I will be pushing them hard. I will engage new ones. It will hurt- in a good way.

So, why you are doing it?

Because I love it. Because this is my life, my lifestyle, my passion, my hobby, makes me happy and I will do anything in my power to make you feel the same. It is addictive and once you in it, it is hard to quit.

I do it because I love it and I want you to love it to.

There are few things I highly recommend for you to do during ‘Launch weeks” to make it easier.

  1. Drink water – a lot of it, drink all the time.
  2. Oranges- eat them, snack on them. Take few with you into the gym and eat some in between classes. It will give a real kick.
  3. Easy options first- do not go 100 %. Learn moves first, get them stick in your head and once they do, go harder. Small steps
  4. Fuel properly – because you will need extra calories and nutrients to support activity levels. What to eat?


High fiber, high protein food and healthy fats. Think; avocado, nuts, salmon, coconut oil, brown rice

Add some carbs; oats, sweet potatoes, brown rice

Chicken, turkey

  1. Push hard and rest hard- give your body extra time to recover. Minimum 8 hours of sleep. You might skip extra gym activities for this week. Keep it light.

As you can see, it is hard but also a lot of fun to do it. It is achievable, and on the end of the day, we are all the same and we need to follow the same rules to survive. There will be some muscle pain, a lot of sweat but how much fun, laugh.

Take that new adventure with me.

Do you have your favourite class? Have you ever done ‘launch week”? How you felt after it?

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