The Best Post-Workout Meal

The Best Post-Workout Meal

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We all want to get the most out of our workouts and obviously exercises are the core elements of any workout; however it has been proven that a proper post-workout meal can actually boost your workout effects. How? By providing proteins which are essential when it comes to building muscle tissue. Don’t be scared ladies. Building muscles helps you to define your body and get you that lean look.

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Right combination of protein and carbohydrates is vital here.

It is proven by medical research, that consuming protein-based meal after workout has positive impact on building muscles.


If you want even better results, take your protein dose immediately after a workout. That way your muscles will grow even faster.

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Mixing your protein with carbohydrates in post-workout meal is proven to be the best combination with the best results.


How much proteins should you eat post-workout?


20 grams- 0,70 oz of protein


That is for an average person and should be more if you are active. This amount highly depends on;

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  • how much muscle tissue you have – the more you have the more proteins you will need to keep it in good condition
  • your activity levels – the more you move, the more you need
  • Your age – it has been proven, that our daily protein requirements increases with age. When you are older you need proteins to preserve muscles.


So, if 20 grams- 0,70 oz  is ok for average person you are nothing like that. You move, train, build muscles and keep existing ones in good condition. That means you need anything between 30-40 grams -1,05 oz of proteins in your post-workout meal.


If you mix them with some carbohydrate that effect will multiply. Carbohydrates in your post-workout meal raise insulin levels and keep them elevated for longer.


FACT! mix 75 grams – 2,64 oz  of carbs, 35 grams – 1,23 oz  of protein, 17 grams – 0,59 oz  of fat and you will be able to keep your insulin levels high for even 5 hours.

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Why insulin is so important?


Insulin is responsible for slowing protein breakdown process. In other words insulin keeps your proteins on high levels so you can build more muscles and do it more effectively.


Eating carbs has also been proven to have positive impact on your performance so it enables you to push harder and achieve more.


You need 1 gram  of carbohydrates per 1 kilogram of your body weight. That amount is perfect if you are at the point where you focus on building lean body.


What if you are cardio type girl?


  • Take some protein before your workout to prevent muscle loss.
  • If you want or need to perform better during your cardio session you should add some carbohydrates to your pre-workout meal.


After cardio session you need to take proteins and carbs ONLY if your session was intense or long (more than 1 hour).

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