5 Summer Detox Infused Waters

5 Summer Detox Infused Waters

Flash toxins out of your body; get glowing skin and body of goddess with those amazing infused waters. 

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Water is your secret weapon in the fight against fat. Use this powerful tool to lose weight, to boost your metabolism, flush toxins out of your system and get control over food portion sizes and cravings.

I did tell on many occasions now that drinking water is crucial for your health and weight loss. Skipping it and facing dehydration may have some serious consequences. Water is a key factor to everything, starting from thirst and finishing on proper body function. Without water, our bodies will go into shock and chain of reactions may be catastrophically.

1. Melon Infused Water

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Who can say no to melon. melon with ice on hot summer day, oh yes. Imagine sitting in a garden in plum tree shade drinking this refreshing water. You will get hydrated, slimmer, will boost your metabolism.



2. Lemon water

That is probably the most popular one of the all. Simply grab lemons, cut them into thick slices, fill in any jug with ice and water. Mix all together with your lemons and fill in with water. leave it a moment for water to get that fresh lemon taste.

– 4 lemons

– 1 jug

– 2 cups of ice

– water

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3. Strawberry Delight Detox Water

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Strawberry infused water is perfect for hot summer days. Combination of mint, lemon and strawberries not only will speed up your metabolism but also will provide nutritious stuff and leave you refreshed and light.


4. Blackberry Water

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Blackberry water with touch of fresh mint will put you right up on your legs. It will detoxify your body; make your belly slimmer, skin glowing. Cool, it down in the fridge add lots of ice and drink it icy cold. You will boost your metabolism, speed up your calorie burn and lose weight faster before summer.


5. Cantaloupe Infused Water

cantaloupe waterLow- calorie fruit infused water to drink instead of filled with sugar sodas.  Cantaloupe Aqua Fresca- can it be something more refreshing and tasty out there? Water that not only satisfies your thirst, but also will nourish your body, boosts your metabolism and speed up your weight loss. Have you ever tried one of them?



You know my favourite, but what is your summer water? How you came across your recipe? Will you share with us?

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