Successful Weight Loss Tips


Successful Weight Loss Tips

Start dropping pounds today whit this weight loss tips that work. 

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Weight loss does not have to be hard or painful. You don’t have to sacrifice anything, starving yourself or spending hours in the gym . It can be fun and life changing experience. Check out those tips and check if you were doing thing right until now. If not it is not to late to change things. Remember one step at the time.

 The best weight loss tips. 

  1. Eat 30 minute before every early workout to jump- start your metabolism. The best solution- banana, out meals
  2. in the afternoon snack if you are not hungry- apple slices with peanut butter, ½ banana
  3. After workout- eat protein so your body doesn’t start burning muscles. You need your muscles to keep metabolism high and burn more. Try handful of almonds.
  4. Eat high fiber food- they will keep you full for longer. Oats, nuts, flaxseed, beans, peas, berries, carrots
  5. To get flat belly train transverse abdominals. Crunching or sit-ups are nor god for you as you need to dig dipper
  6. drinking ice cold water will boost your metabolism fast
  7. If you wont to loose weight focus on weight training to build more muscles. More muscles means faster metabolism and that will result in faster weight loss
  8. drink a lot of water- water helps your body to metabolise fat by turning up your metabolism
  9. eat only when you are hungry and ALWAYS stop when you feel full
  10. Skipping breakfast is weight loss mistake. NOT Eating first thing in the morning will activate chain of reactions leading to you snacking more, eating more and slowing down your metabolism.
  11. Eat more in the mornings and less in the evening. It should be 3 larger meals and 3 snacks during a day
  12. Add metabolism-boosting food to your menu. Ginger, avocado, cinnamon, garlic, ice
  13. Don’t train your abs every day. 2-3 times a week is plenty
  14. Exercise only 60 minutes. after that your body starts to produce cortisol (stress hormone) which is having muscle-wasting effect
  15. Ditch the diet- diet is no good for you. It will eventually lead for you to put more weight on
  16. Drink ice-cold water first thing in the morning after waking up. Cold water will boost your metabolism by activating your muscles
  17. Don’t ever eat anything that got commercial on TV. Because something has to be advertised, means that probably it is not good for you.
  18. change aerobic class into interval training
  19. do your transverse abdominal isometric contractions while watching TV or sitting at your desk at work
  20. Shop with list and don’t buy anything with more that 5 ingredients in it.
  21. If you think, you are hungry drink glass water and then decide again. Most of the time you are just thirsty,
  22. Use smaller plates, big forks and spoons. Trick your brain into thinking that you are actually eating big.

Simply follow those rules and you will see results soon. I am implementing them every day for as long as i can remember and they really works. Try and share with us if they worked for you too.

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