Successful Guide to Permanent Weight Loss Part 2

Successful Guide to Permanent Weight Loss

Part 2


How Can You Speed up Fat Loss


If you want to burn more fat you have to add additional aerobic exercises on the top of your regular training. This will not only increase your calorie burn, but also increase your metabolic rate. If you also add weight training you are set for success.


  1. Set your goals


Be realistic. Write down your goal, be honest with what you can achieve and what is is just a wish.


  • make your goals specific
  • make your goals positive – I will manage to last the entire step class till the end of this month
  • make your goals realistic– I will lose 5 kg of weight by the summer (not just in one month)
  • set time frame – I will lose 10 kg till next year
  • name reason/s why you really want to change – I want be more confident


  1. Keep track on changes (body)


Check no more than once a month how your body composition has changed. The simplest and easiest way to do it is to check your measurements using a measuring tape


  • chest- at nipple level (ladies be careful with that, as each Lady nipple will be at different level)
  • waist- at thinnest level
  • hips- at pubic bone level
  • arms-
  • widest point at max contraction
  • Legs- thighs- max measurement



Monitoring changes in measurements at specific parts of your body allows you to see how your body changes.


  1. No more than 0,5 kg a week


You can check your weight weekly, but this is not the most accurate method, as it is not showing changes in your body composition.

Don’t get obsessed with it and do not jump on bathroom scale every sigle morning.


WARNING! Keep in mind that if you are losing MORE than 0,5 kg fat per week you are probably losing lean tissue (muscles) not fat.


  1. Record your eating routine


It is brilliant way to evaluate your habits and to find out where you might have made mistakes. That will help you to establish whatever your diet is balanced or something is missing.




-Write down everything you eat and drink for next 3-7 days

– Add food weight

– Every scrape of butter, spoon of sugar and drop of cream should be included


After that evaluate and locate;


  • main sources of saturated fat (need to be eliminated)
  • check GI of your food ( high GI, low GI, Medium glicemic index) during the day
  • locate sources of fiber (Is your food fiber rich? )
  • how regular is your eating and at what times you eat


  1. Calculate your Resting Metabolic Rate and NEVER drop below it


Rule! Your daily calorie intake should NEVER be lower than your RMR. If it is lower, you will lose lean tissue.


How to calculate your resting metabolic rate;


31-60 years old   (body weight in kg x 8,7)+829

18- 30 years old (body weight in kg x14,7) + 496

10-18 years old (body weight in kg x12,2 ) + 746


  1. Get rid of saturated fats


Check your food diary and locate saturated fat (in your food)

Eliminate that food forever.


Overeating saturated fat will no change your metabolism which means it will not be used as energy source and it WILL be stored in fat tissue.


  • ready meals
  • butter
  • hard margarine
  • pastry dishes
  • cakes
  • chocolate
  • biscuits
  • fried food
  • fatty food
  • burgers
  • pudding


  1. Start eating healthy fats


After you have located and eliminated bad fat sources (saturated) introduce good fats into your menu.


  • seeds
  • nuts
  • oily fish
  • coconut oil


  1. Use Glicemic Index (low GI food)


Try to make all meals and snacks low GI. This will help you to;


  • control and improve your apatite
  • makes you feel full
  • no more snacking


  1. Bulk up

redcurrant 8

Choose food and drinks that will add volume to your meals. Water and fiber rich food will add bulk.


  • fruits
  • veggies
  • whole grains


This kind of food will give you maximum volume with minimum calories.


  1. Love fiber


Fiber will make you feel full and will give food more texture. Fiber rich food will slow down your eating, drastically reduces risk of overeating and slows down digestion.


  1. Treat yourself


Keep some of your comfort food.


  1. Eat regularly



It will be perfect if you could eat 4-6 times a day. Eat moderate- sized meals or snacks frequently. Regular eating is elevating metabolic rate after meals by 10%.  Regular eating also helps keeping blood sugar and insulin at stable levels.

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