Succesfull Eating Guide

Succesfull Eating Guide

Have you ever committed any of common diet sins?

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How many of you are on a diet right now? How is it working for you? Has a friend recommend your diet or have you found it in magazines or internet?


What if I tell you that you don’t have to be on a diet, eat everything and still get slimmer? Imagine eating all your favourite food, even a “naughty one”, and still achieve your weight loss goal. Imagine being able to eat carbs, yes carbs, and without starving yourself lose weight.

Yes, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Say NO to diet or starving yourself and start enjoying every bite guilt-free.

This is not just a story but a real thing and you can be part of it too. Let’s say you have been on a diet for a while now and nothing has changed. Are you making any of these common dietary mistakes?


  1. Do you eat too many calories?

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Just yesterday I have heard from one of the PTs and so called “experts” that being successful in weight loss is not about looking at calorie consumption, but what kind of food you are eating. Seriously? He is just one of many supporting weight loss industry. It is not true. Some of you may say that you have tried counting calories but it did’t work.


Let’s see. All the food you eat will be changed into energy to keep your body working effectively and properly. That energy will affect everything starting from how active you are, how you feel or how happy you will be. Everything.


Your body will usually only use certain amount of that energy each day. If you provide your body with more energy than required, that extra will be stored as a FAT.


Make sense, right? When you eat too much you will get fat. When you eat less, you will burn fat. Once you know how much you need everything will be so much easier.


It doesn’t matter what food you eat in most cases. As long as you stick to your daily calorie intake norm you will not put weight on.


Let’s say your goal is to lose weight determine your daily calorie needs and enjoy food. Simple.


You can use this page to determine your daily calorie needs.


2. Calorie is not a calorie


Do you know what calorie is?

Calorie is amount of energy necessary to raise the temperature of 1 gram of water by one degree Celcius.


When you just want to lose weight a calorie will be just a calorie, but if you want to lose weight and get firm, toned body it is a little different story.


In the second scenario you have to stay within your calorie intake brackets and also pay attention to how nutritious your food is.


Why is that?


Think of three pillars of nutrition; carbohydrates, protein and fat. The three of them are in every food you eat. Just pick up any product in your kitchen and have a look at the content. Let’s say you love yogurts. There is so many of them these days and each one has different composition of those three components.


Let’s assume each of them is with similar calorie range per serving.

Now look closer. One of them will have higher carbs content than other two. The second one can have higher fat content and the last one really high protein content. What is important for you is that all of them have the same calorie level, right?


The true secret to losing fat, weight and fit body is to properly balance your nutrients.


Check again; for the biggest slim and tone effect you should choose yogurt number three with high protein content. High protein diet will help you to improve muscle mass (and get that lean look), will reduce your body fat (yes the fatty tissue around your belly too) and will help you stay full longer preventing you from snacking.


That yogurt with high carbs is no bad either. Believe me, carbs in reasonably amount can help you burn fat.

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By eating carbs you will;


  • stay full for longer
  • perform better during exercises
  • have better mood
  • improve condition of your muscles

3. Only healthy “clean food”

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It is all out there and it is good. Better to eat clean food than junk food of course. No doubt clean food is amazing and is supplying your body with necessary nutrients. There is only one downside of being all clean food eater. It will not help you as much as you may wish to lose weight, fat and to get lean body.




Eating just clean food will not supply your body with enough energy, protein, carbs, fat and calories necessary to get you fit. You will lose weight, for sure, but your body will be weak, grey, and will get that “skinny fat” look. Slim, but with no shape.


What to eat then?

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All food. Just pay attention to its protein, carb and fat content. Stay with your daily calorie target and you will succeed.

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