Strawberry Protein Packed Crêpes

Strawberry Protein Packed Crêpes


“An attractive French way of turning leftovers or simple ingredients into a nourishing main-course dish”


Crepes… don’t you just love them? I grew up on them and have tried probably most of possible combinations you can have them by now. Fruity (strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, blueberry, peaches), jam (all kind of jams), chocolate (Nutella is my favourite), vegetable (spinach, paprika, mushrooms), meat (chicken, beef) and more.


Yes, I tried them all.

crepe 45

Crêpes (pancakes with filling) are easy to make and your kids are going to love them. They are also amazing finger food. Just roll them up, hold, bite, done. So simple.


Everything was file but then something changed…

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Once upon a time, dark cloud circled above my head. Literally. I have discovered that my body is not tolerating lactose anymore.


It is family curse. My dad has it, sister and brother. No more food with lactose for me.

It felt like the end of the world to me …




I have discovered all new (healthier and lighter) possibility. I never realised that eliminating lactose products from your life can make you so much healthier.

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In no time my body have slimmed down, I felt amazing. Life was good again, and food… ohhh drilling.


Food was brilliant, divine … it offered completely new world of possibilities.


This pancakes recipe is high in protein, calcium, low in carbs, packed with good fats…and no lactose.


I am strawberry obsessed and taking advantage of them now. I wish they grow whole year long.

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Low fat lemon protein strawberry crepes;




  • 2 cups of lactose free milk
  • 1 cup of flour approximately 4-5 tablespoons
  • 1 egg pinch of salt



  • Filling;
  • 4 tbsp of lactose free soft cheese (low fat )
  • 2 tbsp of low fat Greek yogurt
  • ½ lemon zest
  • Fresh strawberries- 1 cup
  • Few mint leaves




  • Put the liquid, egg and salt into blender. Blend until smooth. Add one spoon of flour at the time and keep blending until no crump is visible.
  • Heat up frying pan with just a drop of coconut or olive oil on it
  • Rubfrying pan with your oil
  • Pour in 1/8 pint of batter into middle of the pan
  • Now lift it up in your hand and make tilting movements with the pan so batter evenly runs on the bottom of the pan
  • It should be thin
  • Place pan back on heat for 1 minute
  • Using wooden, thin spatula lift crepes edges and then slide spatula under it
  • With sharp move turn your crepe over
  • Keep on this side for few more seconds
  • Repeat the process with next one




  • Mix soft cheese with Greek yogurt in a mixing bowl
  • Mixture should be smooth and light in texture. Creamy.
  • Using spoon place thin layer of creamy filling in across your crêpe (spoon full) – thin line
  • Place strawberries cut into smaller pieces on the top of it
  • Roll it over and place on the plate
  • Place additional drop of cheese filling on the top of crepe, sprinkle with lemon zest and decorate with more strawberries


Serves 4    30 minutes

crepe 5

Per serving; with filling


Calories; 158 kcal

Fat; 5,4 g

Carbohydrates; 10,15 g 

Proteins; 9,8 g


What is your favourite topping for crepes?

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