Strawberry Delight Detox Water


Strawberry Delight Detox Water

Get set for summer with his brilliant refreshing, fat shredding Water.

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I did tell on many occasions now that drinking water is crucial for your health and weight loss. Skipping it and facing dehydration may have some serious consequences. Water is a key factor to everything, starting from thirst and finishing on proper body function. Without water, our bodies will go into shock and chain of reactions may be catastrophically.

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Not every drink will be good for you. Sweet drinks, soda, alcohol, coffee may taste amazing and it is liquid but they are bad. They will start process, which will lead to storing fat, and as a result, you will put weight on. We want opposite. Think clear water or water with metabolism boosters in it. No sugar, no diuretics in it, lots of refreshing taste.

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Strawberry infused water is perfect for hot summer days. Combination of mint, lemon and strawberries not only will speed up your metabolism but also will provide nutritious stuff and leave you refreshed and light.

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All you need is;

  • 2 cups of strawberries
  • One lemon sliced – may be lime
  • Handful of lemon leaves
  • Ice
  • Water

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Cut your strawberries thin, cut lemon thin, wash mint leaves. Arrange ice, strawberries and ice into glasses. Add some mint and fill in with water.

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Easy, fast, tasty, fat killer. You can use this combination as your gym drink. Prepare in advanced and pour into gym bottle only liquid leaving fruits behind.

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