Strawberry- Apricot Smoothie

Strawberry- Apricot Smoothie


The best way to include more fruits in your diet

apricot sm3


It is official. I am hooked on apricots.

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Apricot smoothie, apricot cheesecake, salad with apricot, roasted apricot… I love everything about this fruit. It just goes really good with everything.


Don’t you just love how fuzzy and fluffy their skin is. Like little baby chicks. Love it.

apricot sm

Every time I am having them, it’s like Christmas all over again. They smell spectacular and that vibrant colour. I am addicted.


Now mix apricots with local fresh strawberries and you get the best vitamin bomb out there.

Apricots and strawberries go really well together.

apricot sm 6

If you add just one or two fresh mint leafs it will be a masterpiece.


You can’t say that smoothies are hard to make. This one is no exception. There are only two ingredients (three if you include water).

Wash, blend, ready.

Just like that.

apricot sm2


Strawberry-Apricot Smoothie


Ingredients;   1 serving

  • 3 apricots
  • ½ cup of fresh strawberries
  • Fresh walnuts – optional
  • 1 tbsp flax seeds – nice additional touch
  • ½ cup of water


This smoothie is packed with antioxidants and protein. It is filled with water and fiber. It is everything to keep your belly healthy and flat. There is never too much of apricots.

apricot sm 5

For serving. Pour your smoothie into a glass; decorate with either fresh strawberry or apricot. Toss in fresh mint leafs and include funny looking straws. Ready.


You were told it is important to you to have real, fresh food that is naturally delicious in its most precious form – raw. That what you get with this one.



Invest in a cooler cup and drink it on your way to work or school.

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