Spinning After Baby – a Simple Guide to survive the First Class

Spinning After Baby – a Simple Guide to survive the First Class


Sitting on stationary bike might not be the best idea if you just had your baby, and even if you have cycled during whole pregnancy, this time wait a little longer.

TIP; wait with cycling until;

  • your pelvic floor tenderness is gone
  • your episiotomy is healed (you will just know)
  • your stitches are gone

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With green light from your physician you can join spin class. Yes, finely. Feeling that buzz, nice encouraging voice of your instructor, support from fellow bikers and that vibe around you? Yes, you are ready.

You should refocus your goals for first classes. Don’t go there for workout, sweating or killing fat. In fact, your first 3-4 classes should be about filing that vibe again and about surrounding. Keep your heart rate steady and slowly prepare your body to the workout.

For your first 3-4 classes;

  • spend your first classes seated and enjoy everyone else suffering
  • pedal on your own peace – ignore everyone else around you
  • keep your gear light
  • give your instructor heads-up about your situations so they can give you right options
  • drink plenty
  • do as much as you can. You can always stop after 20 minutes. Next time you are in the class add extra track.
  • use good support bra
  • do maximum 3 spin classes a week


If you are breastfeeding nurse or pump, milk before you leave for the class. You will avoid breasts tenderness and possible leakage. Yes, that did happen to me few times

Spinning class is a perfect way to build up strength, endurance and burn calories. It is low impact but high intensity aerobic class.

5 benefits of spin class;

  1. increased endurance – you will be able to exercise longer and you will feel stronger
  2. weight loss – during 45 minute of spin class you can burn 450 calories, when in RPM class you can burn up to 600-900 calories in the same time. Yes, you will burn more than during step or attack class, and there is no jumping!
  3. increased cardiovascular fitness
  4. toned body – no worries, you will not get big butt or massive calves after it. Look at tour de France riders. There are no big butts in there, but many nicely toned bodies.
  5. Strength training – performing this exercises will increase muscle strength. Getting stronger lower body will improve your joint stability.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              What does it mean in real life?


  • better sport performance
  • lower risk of injury
  • walking, running, everyday activity become easier
  • you will lower risk of osteoporosis
  • more strength and more muscles = faster metabolism and bigger weight loss

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To avoid getting sore butt after class, sit your butt right back in the saddle.


What to wear?


So dear moms, get you booked in for the next spinning class. Consider this class as a best cardio and strength workout in one. On the other hand, maybe you already are doing it. If yes, please share your experience during first few classes after baby. How you felt? Do you have any survival tips for us? Please share your knowledge.






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