Sex or Exercise? What is Better?

Sex or Exercise? What is Better?

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Have you ever wondered what is better, sex or exercise? Which one will burn more calories and how they affect heart rate and muscle engagement?


We all probably heard (especially from guys) that sex is good exercise, but is it?


There actually have been researched done in this field. They have tasted heart rate of people using treadmill against heart rate during private sexual activity at home. The researched group was fit, regularly exercising and having sex on average six times a month.


Results have proven that treadmill session brings heart rate much higher than sex. All participants agreed that they felt a treadmill is better exercise than sex.


Is sex an exercise?

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Well, men and women are so different when it comes to sex. Men are spending much more time talking and daydreaming about sex than actually in an act on its own.


Average, fit men’s heart rate during sexual activity will go up to 130 beats per minute. It is considerably lower than what their heart rate is during moderate intensity exercise.


Blood pressure – during intercourse it is almost always under 170.

Oxygen consumption – much lower in the bed, than in a gym.

Calories– sexual activity will make you burn on average 5 calorie per 1 minute. It is the same what you would burn during walking 3 flights of stairs.

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Fact! Average sex may be compared to walking slowly on level ground, or light housework.


What is safer, sex or exercise?


You will be shocked, but exercising is much safer than sex. Why? Look what is happening during sex.

  • you will get super exited in short time
  • under a lot of stress (performance)
  • high adrenaline levels – too much in to short time may lead to heart attack


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During an average sex session you won’t be able to put your heart rate as high as during exercises. It is significantly riskier for overweight men than an average build one to experience heart problems during sex than in the gym. It will go higher with age or with any heart related issues.


Researchers from the UK have tested and questioned almost 1000 men. They discovered that;


The men with 3 or more orgasms a week were in much lower risk on early death than the one with fewer intercourses.


Bottom line is sex prolongs men’s life.

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But what about women? We are different and experiencing sex much better on so many levels. We will burn much less calories than a men during sexual activity (depending on a position used), but we can last longer (more pleasure). For us, Ladies much better is gym session than sex.


Asked women what gives them more pleasure; sex, exercise or anything else, stated with almost 95% agreement that;


  • number one is SHOPPING
  • number two exercise
  • number three is SEX


Surprised? Not really, we love shopping and that is our thing.


To have sex or not to have sex?


The men and women, which had sex less than once per month have been proven to;

  • eat more
  • gain weight
  • smoke more
  • drink more alcohol
  • abuse drugs


Is sex protecting or hurting your heart?


Researchers from Harvard University proved that sex, does not count as heart- protective exercise!


Single, medium intensity session on treadmill is proven more beneficial.


Sexual activity ranks mild in terms of exercise intensity.


There is some good news. Although it has been proven that sex may lead to heart attack there are some significant factors affecting it, like what that person did prior to the sexual activity.


Exercise for better sex


Even though sex is not as beneficial as exercise session, exercises can help you a lot in your bedroom activities.


Sex-improving exercises for women;


  1. Low side lunge (optional with weights)
  2. Hip thrust ( with weights)
  3. Bridge pose
  4. Squats- with weights
  5. Weighted frog pose
  6. Kegel exercises
  7. Yoga


Sex-improving exercises for men


  1. Plank
  2. Abs roller
  3. Push-ups
  4. Deadlift
  5. Torso side bend and twist
  6. Laying leg raise

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Get fit for his pleasure (and yours 😉 )

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