Pregnant Women Should NOT Exercise

Pregnant Women Should NOT Exercise


Opinion that pregnant woman should not exercise i did heard from many people including first midwife i had appointment with.


Every since I told my family that we are expecting I hear criticism. That I should take example of my younger sister, who just never exercise but also stopped working when she reached 20 weeks of her pregnancy. Just to add there was nothing wrong with her, bay or pregnancy. All smooth forward. She just decided to stop doing things –because she is pregnant and she can- and to stay home, God knows doing what.


I am not that person.


When my mom is telling me to stop doing fitness classes, I ask her why?


Her reply- because is not good for the baby!


How I am hurting my baby?


How me staying fit is harmful?


In what physical way my baby is suffering.


Ladies it is time to straighten things out.


Pregnancy is not a disease. You are not dying and believe me your baby is safe.


If your pregnancy is progressing fine and there was no red zones flagged by your physician, then you are good to go.



Just think, would you rather be whale looking woman which decided to spend her perfectly well progressing pregnancy lying on the couch or you rather look after yourself, you baby, and get any possible help to make labour easier?


I decided to stay fit and active.


You think crazy. Not at all. I am aware of my body and respect my baby in all the ways. We communicate and she is sending me clear signs if she is happy or not.


If I will push myself to much, she will tell me by kicking in moments when usually she would of stay calm. Then I will stop.


If I feel I am too tired, I will stop.


If i feel something is pulling down I will stop.


I am listening to my body.


Let’s see. I am 27 weeks pregnant now and still doing all of my fitness classes. Of course, I had to make adaptations.



For instance;


  • I took all the impact down
  • During Combat classes I am kicking lower
  • No abs exercises (except for few which are still allowed)
  • No lying on the belly- obviously
  • Lower resistance during spinning classes
  • I will take more brakes
  • I will take options and modifications
  • I will stop if I have too
  • I am drinking water much more
  • I am feeding my body accordingly to my schedule and my feeling
  • I rest more after classes


It is possible.


My pregnancy is going straightforward so far and I can see and feel all the benefits coming from it. I have been staying active during my previous pregnancy too and here is what happened;


  • I felt amazing – my blood pressure was as I was not pregnant at all. Circulation of blood improved, which means my body stayed healthier and my baby got all the stuff it needed.


Doing day to day, tasks felt normal, easy. I could go for hours cleaning, cooking, and looking after kids and my husband right to the end. My kids never heard from me – sorry Hun I can’t go I am not feeling well. I did not have to as I felt energized, well rested and strong.


  • I was sleeping whole nights– yes, sleepless nights. I find out that after exercise session I am sleeping much better. I mean whole night. In the morning, I felt amazing, buzzing, and ready for more.


  • No stretch marks – yes not even one. Simply after every class stretching was mandatory. Then shower on bay olive rubbed in to my skin. Result – elastic skin with no stretch marks.


  • Easy labour– well lets say it was sore, painful and all of that. No matter how fit you are there will be pain. Difference is for how long. Lets see during both of my previous labour midwifes were shocked how quickly I manage to give birth. We are talking less than two hours both times. They all agreed that faster, smooth going labour was thanks to me exercising and staying fit whole pregnancy. Even though I took impact and intensity down as my pregnancies were progressing, my body remain strong. Strong muscle foundation helped me. Good circulation and lungs capacity helped me.


  • Faster recovery. By recovery, I mean first few weeks after bay. You know what I am talking about Ladies without getting into details. Yes, faster healing, less pain, quicker on your feet, energized.


  • Fast post pregnancy weight loss- that is the most important. In both cases, I did manage to loose all extra pounds, relatively fast. I was impressed how fast my body got back to its pre-pregnancy shape. Starting my routines after baby was easier too. Yes, first few weeks were hard, but after that, it felt like I have never stopped.


  • Less stress- it is true what they are saying, that exercises can calm your nerves. In my case, 100% accuracy. It felt like the best relaxing session and after even better. No worries, no tension.



I am looking forward for more weeks of me in fitness studio. However I am not a boss now, my little daughter is and when she will tell me, it is enough I will stop immediately.


Ladies, my advice keep moving, don’t be scared, ask for advice someone who done it before. Talk to your physician, see how you feel.


The only thing you are not allowed to do is start new kind of workout. Keep doing only with something your body is familiar with. Modify exercises, take options, and stay fit.


Stay with the fight.

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