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Discover how to lose post-pregnancy weight without strict diets and endless cardio.

Losing weight after having a baby can be a daunting task. The little person you created for nine months is now with you. Not everything, however, is back to what it was before. Those few extra stubborn pounds are still with you, and no matter what you do or try, nothing seems to work.

Even worse, you don't have time for sleep, not to mention any lengthy exercise programs, running, the gym, or even jogging. You don't have even time to have proper, regular meals, and any diets that you hoped to follow are out the window.

No more long, boring workouts on cardio machines or painfully strict diets. Find out the secret to shedding the post-pregnancy pounds.

If you're not happy with how your body looks and feels, then you're in the right place!

I have created this program for women like you because I have been there. I used to be confused, frustrated, and ready to give up.

Let's face it... Most of the diets, workouts, and exercise plans you see in the mainstream media or all over the internet are way too complicated for normal people! Even worse, only a few of the workouts out there can be used shortly after having a baby. Good, quick-to-prepare, and healthy meal plans that you can use from the day after the baby’s delivery are even more difficult to find.

I'm here to help, and I have everything you need!

My name is Agata Kolaczyk

I’ve spent more than 13 years as a physiotherapist, fitness instructor, writer, and personal trainer. I'm a 37, a happy mother of three wonderful kids, ages nine, six, and one.

Here's my story...

Things have not always gone according to plan. I struggled to get pregnant with the first baby. After a year of trying, I was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries and was put on hormonal therapy. Finally, in 2006, I got pregnant with twins. Unfortunately, I lost them in the 24th week of pregnancy. That was a real blow, and I will not go into the details of how it all felt.

Shortly after that, I got pregnant again, and in 2008 we finally had our baby girl. It was a wonderful feeling. After years of trying, she was finally here! All this hormonal therapy and two pregnancies, however, took their toll.

I gained 85 pounds and wasn't happy about it.

I lost some of the weight, but months passed and not much changed. I lost about 10 pounds, and that was it. I wanted to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. That was my goal. I tried different things but failed miserably. I wasn't happy at all with the way I looked and how it made me feel—I was determined to achieve my goal.

I created my own fitness plan and followed with my own meal plans. It worked! I got back to 120 pounds, the pre-pregnancy weight!

I got pregnant again with a boy. This time I was ready with the same workout and meal plan. Once he was born, I managed to get back to my weight, but this time it took me only…


We always wanted three children, and because I felt I was still young enough, I got pregnant two more times. We lost a baby in the third month of pregnancy, but with the last one, beautiful Maja was born.

Again, I followed my plan and like before, I managed to shed the pregnancy weight each and every time.

With the right attitude, the right workout, and meals prepared according to a plan for each week of post-pregnancy recovery, you too can achieve the goal.


There is a solution!

I know exactly how you feel. I was there before, unhappy with the way I looked, desperate to find a solution to lose those stubborn pregnancy pounds.

Introducing "Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss Formula"

But why you should you even listen to me in the first place if there is so much information available out there!?

I have a master’s degree in physiotherapy with licence to practice in the UK with over 13 years of experience in the profession. I have also worked as qualified personal trainer and fitness instructor, helping people to get fit and lose weight for over 10 years. Finally, I managed to effectively lose weight after five pregnancies and delivering three healthy babies.

I’ve learned hands-on about what works and what doesn’t, not to mention what's an absolute blast to do. My passion is providing information and helping women change their lives in a way that is neither patronizing nor boring. Also, I know first-hand that when a baby is born, there is very little free time. "Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss Formula" has been created with that in mind.

I want to tell you why many women struggle to lose weight after having a baby. I want to tell you why so many—just like you and me—hate exercise or restrictive diet plans.

I totally understand it. I’ve been there: miserable in my own body, couldn't fit into my own clothes, trying different "newest" things "recommended by this and that society" and not making the slightest progress. I've been there, and I know how to fix it.

And you can too! Why?  Because you don’t have to put yourself through long, laborious workouts or follow strict diets where the smallest treat is considered a sin.

That’s how the idea for "Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss Formula" came to life.

This formula really works!

Let's have a look what you’ll discover inside.

  • Flexibility. You can start the program whenever you like and progress to the next level whenever you feel you are ready—not when you should or must.
  • You can start as early as the first week after having your baby. Don't worry, you won't be expected to do anything strenuous or extreme. I will explain what you can and cannot do during the early weeks so you won't hurt yourself.
  • Boring is deadly. Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss Formula has been created with that in mind. You will find different exercises and meal plans that you can combine to fit your preferences and likes. You don’t need to force yourself into someone else’s routine. Find what works for you, make adaptations and modifications, play, and have fun. Consistency is the key; keeping your workouts enjoyable and eating what you prefer is vital to staying consistent.
  • Combine exercises with meal plans. Yes, with Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss Formula you will be able to follow exercise and meal plans that allow you to achieve your goals in a much shorter time.
  • The workouts are incredibly short. There is nothing worse than endless hours doing cardio, especially on treadmills. You feel like a hamster on a wheel, running aimlessly with little effect. My workouts are really short, so you can easily fit them in between your little one’s naps. The exercises sequence in the later stages of the program take no more than 30 minutes per day. You don't have to block out hours in your calendar, which can be so daunting that you’re tempted to skip the workouts all together.
  • It can be done in any place. You don't need to go to a gym or use any use any complicated equipment.
  • Workouts can be performed with your baby, so you don't have to wait until naptime or look for a babysitter.
  • Meals are fast to prepare. I know you don't have a time now for much of anything other than the baby. I was there, too, and that is why I have prepared meal recipes that are nutritious and quick to prepare.
  • Exercises are safe for you. As a physio, I take safety very seriously. In fact, Primum non nocere is Latin, meaning "First, do no harm." It is the first and most important rule I was taught at the university, and I have been following it throughout my professional career.
  • My workouts and meals don't affect your breastfeeding. There is a misconception that exercise can affect your ability to produce milk or the taste of it. It is not true. (Food can affect it, however, and therefore my meal plans reflect that.)
  • Speeds up post-pregnancy healing. The right exercises performed at the right time will speed up your post-pregnancy recovery.
  • Safe for those with diastasis recti. The workouts are safe to perform when you have post-pregnancy abs separation. In fact, the exercises in my plans will help you with the issue.
  • You can start them regardless of your fitness levels. You don't have to be an athlete to start the program.

Don't take my word for it. See what others think.

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With women like you and I in mind I have prepared this great training program combined in an e-book which will teach you how to lose stubborn post-pregnancy weight without any strict diets or endless cardio.

60-day, money-back guarantee.

Because we’ve never met in person, I want to make sure you can take action today with absolute certainty of ZERO risk on your part. This is why I’m offering you my no-hassle, 100% money-back guarantee that if withing 60 days from the purchase you decide this is not for you…

You don’t even have to decide now; decide when you get the product. If you don’t like anything about it, just send me an email within 60 days of your purchase, and you will get a FULL refund with no questions asked.

I know what it feels like to buy a workout program or a diet plan and just feel disappointed.

If you feel anything like that, I encourage you to ask for your money back!

WARNING: Not Everyone Qualifies to Use
"Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss Formula"

To be fair, I’ve learned there are certain people who should not use my "Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss Formula." To make sure you don’t waste your time and money, make sure you qualify.

  •  You think you can eat whatever you want and rely on your workouts to lose weight. Simply speaking, it will not happen. There is no physical way you can eat however and whatever you want and lose weight. Even professional athletes, whose whole weeks are dedicated to exercises, stick to their meal plans. Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss Formula will allow you to eat whatever you want (especially when you are breast-feeding) but in moderation and following a few very simple nutritional rules that allow you to achieve healthy weight loss.
  • You think short workouts are useless. Listen, nothing worthwhile is effortless. I’ve made Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss Formula as easy and short as possible while guaranteeing your fastest progress. However, if you think you need to spend hours in a gym to see any results, this is definitely not for you.
  • You’re just one of those people who buys workout programs and lets them sit on your desktop. Please, don't waste your money and my time if that's you. To be frank, if you are one of these people, just realize you're only going to continue gaining weight, losing flexibility, and getting into worse shape—unless you do something about it, starting today.
Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss Formula

What will happen....

In a month’s time, one of two things will happen. Either you will still be overweight, unhappy with the way you look and feel, and stuck in the very same situation you are in today…

Or you can jump on this opportunity today, and in four weeks’ time you will be a month on your way to achieving your pre-pregnancy weight, risk-free (60-days’ guarantee).

Thank you!

Thanks so much for reading this message. I'm looking forward to seeing you on the other side in a few moments’ time.

To your success,


P.S. Look. It is dead simple. If you don't try this product, you will probably continue struggling to lose pregnancy weight. Buy and use it, however, and you can start the journey.

P.S.S. Let’s be honest with each other—what you’ve been doing up until now to improve your body hasn’t worked. Your frustration and insecurity about your body is absolutely going to continue if you don’t take action and force change.

P.S.S.  You don't have to say yes! Say maybe, and use my 60-day guarantee to check it out for yourself.