Pear Shaped Body Diet and Workout

Pear Shaped Body Diet and Workout


Close your eyes and picture a body you would like to have. Can you see it? You will be surprised to know, that most women is picturing themselves with firm, big bust, slim arms, slim waist and round, yet proportional hips.

I would love to look like that too, but reality is different.

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What if your body type is close to this one? I am calling this pear shape. If you have slim waist, round hips and butt you are one too.


Perfect pear shaped body is when waist to hips ratio is less than 0.8.


  1. Measure your waist one inch above your navel
  2. Measure your hips around widest part of your body


Waist score divided by hips score = waist to hips ratio


All the pears tend to have slower metabolism and fat tissue accumulation around butt and thighs.


If you are pear shaped Lady your body fat will most likely be stored on:


  • your buttocks
  • yourhips
  • your tights


Yes, you are also more likely to get cellulite in those areas too.


What to do to get slimmer?


  • pick right workout for your body shape
  • eat your way slim


What to eat?



eggs in

Protein should be a priority in your diet. Choose good quality source of protein which is:


  • lean meat: turkey, chicken, beef
  • fish: salmon, mackerel, tuna, sardines
  • eggs
  • Greek yogurt (low fat), cottage cheese
  • Lentils




They are as important as protein in your diet and you should pay close attention to them. Choose right carbs (complex carbs).


  • whole grain food
  • whole grain bread, pasta, flour
  • beans, peas
  • citrus fruit




Foodto avoid;


  • animal fat
  • fried food
  • food with fat in it: mayonnaise, butter
  • salty food


You have higher tendency to accumulate water in your body so eliminate or reduce all products that may increase that process.




  • low fat diary products
  • not processed food
  • no fried food
  • coconut oil, olive oil – they will boost your metabolism
  • nuts for snacks


REMEMBER all excess fat from your food that you don’t burn through physical activity, is stored around your hips, butt and thighs.


Workout for you; 

Cardio     x 3 times a week

– Lower body focused power moves (intervals)

– Skipping, running, sprints

– Increase intensity regularly

– Cross training, running


Upper body strength training     x2 a week


Strength training will build muscle tissue which will speed up your metabolism. Getting some muscles in the top half of your body will visually minimise body disproportion. Your bottom half will not look bigger anymore.

strong momsfitnessheaven

Common mistake ladies make is perform exercises focusing on bottom half.  Because your butt, hips and thighs are bigger than normal, you are “obsessed” with slimming down and toning that part. WRONG.


Balance your body, so upper- lower body disproportion are not so visible.


Once you know that everything will be just so much easier.




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