Nutrition in Sport When Cutting Calories

Nutrition in Sport When Cutting Calories

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Reducing calories simply by eating less is not the right way. You have to know which ingredients to reduce and which to increase to make your food balanced.


If you are physically active, exercising, training then you have to eat a little more than average person does. Simply said, when exercising you need more calories.

You also have to make sure that you are consuming good quality food but also to fit your meals in the right times before and after workouts.


What you should know?


Digesting food takes time. It takes anything between 1-2 ½ hours and sometimes more depending on the kind of food you ate.


Food rich in fat and fiber will be digested much longer.


Fact! Eating right before training does not making any sense because:


  • Digesting food increases food supply to you intestines – you may feel heavy, tired, and sleepy.
  • Exercisingright after meal will not use any calories from the food you just consumed


What to eat BEFORE training when cutting calories?


  1. Eat 2-3 hours before training
  2. Eat food high in fiber (low or medium GI food – glicemic index)
  3. Have cod, tuna, chicken breast, turkey for protein supply
  4. Have protein rich drink ½ hour before training  (water + whey protein)


DURING exercises;


Your digestive system works on slower gear during exercising. Your body focuses on muscle work and supplying blood to them. Digesting food is not important then.


Rule number 1; during physical activity do NOT eat anything solid, especially during intense workout.


Solution;   use liquid source of energy


What to choose:


For long but moderate intensity activity have low or medium GI (glicemic index) food swimming, running, jog, cycling


For short but intense activity have high GI food

Intervals, strength training


If you are reducing calories…


Reducing daily calorie intake is taking toll on your body (you may feel sleepy and less energetic). If you want to lose weight you should focus on reducing FATTY foods.

For you source of energy during exercises use carbs.


During exercises;



Training fruit juice when cutting calories;

orange fresh


Cut oranges in half and squeeze juice out of them into a glass. Check how much juice you have and add exactly the same amount of water. Your proportions should be 1:1.


After workout when cutting calories;


After physical activity catabolic process is increased in your muscles. Your goal now is to feed your muscles so they can recover and could be repaired.


You should feed them with PROTEIN based food.


Solid source of protein;

egg l


You can have: two or three hard-boiled eggs or a protein shake (mix water with one scoop of whey protein and half banana).

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