New Mom 14- Minute Total Abs Workout

14- Minute Total Abs Workout


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You do not need much when it comes to good abs workout. Just some room on the floor and you are good to go. Good abs routine is targeting all muscles group in your core, and none of the movement is crunches.


I believe that to get nice, firm abs and strong core you need to combine strength and cardio workout in one. Cardio to get rid of that layer of fat lying on the top of them and your weighted exercises to give you the most of the workout.


Using weights in your routine will target bigger muscle group and will boost your metabolism. Quicker metabolism equals bigger fat burn and weight loss.


The 14- minute abs routine is design for everyone but I created it for new moms getting back into shape. If you are a new mom, try to do this workout from week 6 and further.

If you are used to, the exercises make it more intense by choosing heavier weights and taking advanced options.




  • perform each move for 30 seconds
  • each static move hold for 30 seconds
  • do 3 rounds
  • take 30 seconds brakes between sets
  • new moms can do it 6 weeks after having a baby, with physician approval
  • after c-section you need to wait a little longer


14- Minute abs routine;


  1. vertical crunch – upper abs
  2. v-ups   – upper abs
  3. leg switch (half bike)  – lower abs
  4.  scissors  – lower abs
  5. side plank  – obliques
  6. Russian twist  – obliques
  7. plank  – upper abs, lower abs , glutes
  8. bicycle – obliques, lower abs
  9. back extensions  – glutes, back



vertical crunch momsfitness heavenn

v-ups momsfitnessheaven

leg switch momsfitnessheaven

side plank moms fitness heaven

plank moms fitness heaven

bicycle momsfitnessheaven

back extencions moms fitness heaven





Dear moms hope you are going to love this workout. If it will be to hard at the beginning, start with just body weight. With time add exercise ball and go for more repetitions.


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