First Step into Motherhood 


Nesting. We all hale been there ladies At some point. Nesting is a term describing specific behaviour of all mom’s to be. Not just humans, it is happening in animal kingdom too.


It is urgent need of changing, moving, decorating, sorting things out, preparing for new member of the family.

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It may start at different stage of pregnancy but usually it is at its highest point during last few weeks or days of the pregnancy. It is so strong need you can’t fight it and nobody should stop you. This is something you have to do, as it will give you peace of mind. Nesting is your way of preparing for new baby, making your home not just clean but also welcoming. It is about creating that little corner for new arrival, making him/her part of the family.


In my case I was nesting from third trimester, but now just few days before my due day it is at its peak.





You may not realising you are doing it but your family will know. Let’s say so far you were taking it easy, maybe resting and suddenly you are moving furniture, painting, obsessively cleaning. Yes, it is all nesting.


In my current pregnancy, I suffered from nerve pain in one of my legs and ligament damage (due to nasty fall in the bath) for weeks now and I could not walk. Suddenly one day I felt I need to clean, hover, dust and more. One thing led to another in the period of three days I have manage by myself to not just to clean the house but also to paint two of my bedrooms and completely redecorate them. Nuts? Not, it is nesting.


I have no idea how in earth I did manage to do that but I did.

For me it is clear sigh my baby will be with me really soon and now, I am truly ready.




It is all because of hormones; estradiol, progesterone and prolactin.

Tips to survive it;


  • don’t go crazy
  • no climbing, ask you husband to do it for you
  • no heavy lifting- again ask any male to do it for you
  • ask family members for help, advice
  • take a lot of rest
  • snack a lot
  • drink a lot
  • stop when your body have enough


Things you should do:


  • Check your fridge and remove all outdated food. Restock with fresh one
  • Prepare few portions of just to reheat dinners either just for yourself or for the family- again as a precaution. You have no idea how you may feel days before and after labour. Better, be prepared.
  • Buy a lot of frozen and canned food. It will be handy soon as the last thing on your mind will be to go shopping with newborn. Because you don’t know the time and the day better to buy more and be prepared.
  • Pack your hospital back- yes don’t leave it till last minute
  • Spend as much time as possible with your husband and kids. With a new baby, your focus will shift toward new arrival so focusing on your family now will bring you closer.
  • Do the washing. Yes, wash everything. Towels, bedding, clothes, blankets. Make sure all washing is done before baby. With new person in the house there will be no time to do it plus there will be MORE washing to do. Don’t pile it now.


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