My Favourite Foreplay

My Favourite Foreplay

 forplay momsfitnessheaven

You have naughty thoughts in your mid right now, don’t you? There is nothing sexual in here… or maybe?


Warm-up is like a good foreplay. It will make all the difference later on, during your workout.

Good warm-up will fire up your muscles, body and make you crave for more.


Skipping one isn’t and shouldn’t be an option. I wrote before of importance of good warm-up here…



Warm-up for beginners;


  1. walking on spot ( light/low knees)

walking momsfitness heaven2. Squat to lunge

low lunge momsfitness heaven3. Side to side jumps (both legs together)

side to side4. Lunge to kick

lunge momsfitnessheaven


kicksmoms fitness heaven5. Shadow boxing

boxing momsfitness heaven6. Push ups



This is simple, quick warm-up I am doing before easy or moderate intensity exercises. It is preparing my muscles for right movements and keeping me safe.


Do each exercise as many times as you can in 30 seconds.

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