My clean eating shopping list

My clean eating shopping list

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Eating healthy and nutritious food is priority in my house. I am very conscious when it comes to food shopping and yes, I am picky too. It was just yesterday when I was shopping in one of local shops for fruits and vegetables. I unloaded everything at the till and then looked up at shopping assistant. Her eyes were massive in disbelieve. She was scanning my food. Then she looked at me and asked ’is this fruits and veggies for whole month? How big is your family?’ I looked at my shopping and it looked absolutely normal for me and reply ”This is only for one week and there are two adults and two kids under 6 in my house’. I though her eyes are going to pop out.

Yes, what is normal for you might shock others and trust me I am not a vegetarian. I am 100% mean eater. So have a look at my clean, healthy eating shopping list. This is what I bought yesterday for one week of cooking and eating.

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– 30 gala apples (half of it will go for apple pie)

– 9 pears

– 3 coconuts


– 10 peaches


– white grapes

– 2 grapefruit

– 10 oranges

– 10 kiwis

– one melon

– strawberries(frozen and not on picture- one bag )

– bananas

– blueberries

oranges momofitnessheaven


vegetables momsfitnessheaven

– 7 carrots

-3 parsley roots

– parsley- green part

– dill

– basil

– 3 leeks

– 2 garlics

– 1 ginger root

– celery sticks

– 10 onions

– 2 bags of lettuce

– 1  cabbage

– 2 limes

– 3 lemons

– 1 cucumber

– 3 peppers

– tomatoes

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– fresh rosemary

– frozen spinach

– frozen beans


Seeds and nuts;

nuts momsfitnessheaven

– walnuts

– almond

– sunflower seeds

– dates

– brasil nuts

– raisins, coconut flakes mix

clean eating momsfitnessheaven

– rye flower

– brown rice

– chia seeds

– quinoa

– barley

– porridge oats

– 2 almond milk

– 1 coconut mils

-5 normal milk for kids

– 1 cottage cheese

– parmesan

– 1 mozarella ball

– 30 eggs

– 4 chicken breast

– 2 salmon fillets

– brown bread

– 2 greek yogurts

– one butter


This is for a whole week of cooking. Food from list will also go as packed lunch and snacks for my kids school meals.

I have planed meals such as:

– home made baked bread with seeds

– tomato soup

– variety of smoothies for myself for breakfasts

– oven baked chicken with fresh veggies and salads

– risotto with a lot of vegetable inside

– apple pie

– jelly with fruits

– oven baked fish with baked vegetables

– fruits mid day snacks

– porridge with roasted peaches

– Caesar salad

– freshly made orange juice

-spiced orange salad

– fruity water

There is more to add to this list but it will be more like a last minute option:

– scrambled eggs or boiled eggs

– sandwiches

– maybe another soup for kids – their pick


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