Most Effective Tricep Exercises

Most Effective Tricep Exercises


Eliminate arm jiggle using most effective exercises.

tricep push up momsftinessheaven

Tricep push-up


We all have bits and parts of our bodies that we love and proud of as well as the ones we would like to hide. In many years of coaching, I came across of shocking number of ladies unhappy with their arms. Not belly, butt or thighs- arm, especially Tricep.

Are you happy with your arms or they are on you bucket list?


There is no rule; even skinny girls may have “bat wings”. Lose skin on our arms is probably the most hated part of our bodies. With summer approaching and sleeveless top season coming we are desperate to get rid of anything lose in there.

I will share with you the most effective Tricep exercises out there. There is few things you will have to understand to succeed with your training.

Make sure any of mentioned here exercises will be part of your workout. Do not make Tricep the workout on its own. You need to go for whole body workout to target fat tissue first with big muscle group. Then on the end of your training go for Tricep (smaller, precise group) and do your toning.

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Your guideline;

  1. pick 3-4 of  listed exercises and perform them on the end of your workout
  2. each exercise perform 12 times in 3 sets
  3. use 2-3 kg dumbbells
  4. do Tricep exercises 3 times a week


New mom tip; after having baby you should wait for your doctor approval before you start any exercises. You can start performing exercises in standing position without weigh from second week. Exercises with dumbbells (light weight) from week 5. Wait with Tricep push up week 4-5 and even then start with your knees on the ground.


Your 10 best Tricep exercises;


  1. Tricep extensions
  2. Tricep kickback
  3. Tricep dip
  • both legs bend on the floor
  • both legs straight on the floor
  • one leg in the air, other bend on the floor
  • both legs bend on the floor- weight on your tights
  • closer hands dip

4. Tricep bench dip

  • both legs bend
  • both legs extended on the floor
  • one leg in the air, other bend on the ground
  • both legs bend on the floor- weight on your thighs
  • closer hands grip
  1. Dumbbel press
  2. Close grip bench press
  3. Overhead press
  4. Diamond push-up

– Knees up

– Knees on the ground

  1. Tricep push-up

– Knees on the ground

– Knees in the air

– one leg in the air

  1. Side push-up
tricep floor dip

Tricep dip


tricep dip leg up moms fitness heaven

Tricepdip one leg up

tricep bench dip momsfitnessheaven

Bench dip

tricep kick back momsfitnessheaven

Tricep Kick back-A

back kick momsfitnessheaven



All of the above Tricep exercises you can perform with modification. Start with easy ones, lower number of repetition and as many breaks you might need. Build up it slowly. Be consistent, be strong, and get fit.

Ladies, moms are you ready to look your best this summer. Let us get started.

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