Metabolism Killing Food

Metabolism Killing Food

Learn top eight flat belly killers

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Dear ladies, moms. I am sure you are aware of foods that could boost your metabolism and lead to faster weight loss. Following simple eating tips and adding that kind of food and spices to your menu you would be able to stimulate your body to burn calories.  On the other hand do you know that there are foods which dramatically slow your metabolism down?

Eating those metabolism killers might be the very reason why you are still not losing weight even though you are on exercise and good eating regime.

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Do you know that some foods that you consider weight loss friendly and are frequently mentioned in weight loss recipes as healthy food, are in fact sabotaging your weight loss efforts?

This is the very reason, the missing component to which is stopping you from losing these stubborn last few pounds. In addition that ‘healthy food’ can cause a lot of damage to your body. Therefore, if you want to get fitter, healthier and slimmer just eliminate these foods from you’re your regular menu today!


Metabolism killing foods

1. Peanut butter – yes, everywhere you look peanut butter is mentioned as “healthy food”. It is, I admit it and I am having it from time to time, but only as a cheat meal.Peanut butter can cause inflammation because of omega 60 fatty acids content.

Also peanuts are one of the main allergens. If you have an allergy, even light one that you don’t know about they might be a reason why your belly is swollen and your digestion slower.

2. Granola.  How many of you considered it as super light and healthy? It is not. Granola contains a high level of honey. It is proven that honey used in granola production has been pasteurized in high temperatures. You should know that high temperatures are honey biggest enemy.

High temperatures (above 40 degrees Celsius or 104 F) destroy everything good in it, leaving it nothing more than sugary syrup. That is why processed honey in granola is your metabolism killer.

My advice is that instead of eating ready granola make our own. Mix dry fruit and seeds, local farmer’s honey and sprinkle it with cinnamon. That is it. You have just prepared homemade, healthy granola.

berry granola momasitnessheaven3.  Sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners are often our choice when it comes to switching sugar for something with fewer calories.

Did you know that artificial sweeteners contain aspartame? Are you aware that aspartame is actually responsible for increasing and stimulating appetite and cravings?

Although you are not using sugar and reduce calories intake that way, you are setting your body on “eat more” mode. More eating = more calories.That is also the reason why you should stop drinking diet soda.What I would recommend is to sweet your food and drinks with raw honey from local beekeeper.

4. Fruit juices- pure health, right? Nothing more deceiving. Did you know that most of fruit juices in markets these days are nothing more than sugary water? High sugar level water! Juice is nothing more than sugared fruits that were pasteurized in high temperatures with added flavoring and food coloring. Similar to honey case, high temperatures destroy absolutely everything that is good and nutritious in that fruit. What you are left with then? Nothing more than combination of high sugar level per serving, chemically processed and flavored juice.

Did you know that one glass of fruit juice contains MORE sugar, than the same amount of any soda? Try making honey based home made lemonade instead.
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5. Whole grains. How many times you heard of read to use wholegrain products instead of white bread or white rice because they are bad for you? Well, with no doubt that is true. However you should also know that whole grains kill your metabolism. How? Because of their gluten content.

Gluten is the reason why your belly gets swollen. The foods that contain the most of it are: cereal, pasta, bread, desserts, muffins, flour, granola bars. If you want to switch them to something different I recommend fresh fruits and vegetable. Instead of plain or whole grain flour use coconut one.


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My point is, if you are desperate to stimulate your metabolism up to lose more weight make these changes. Personally I am not eating much of any grains because I love fresh fruits, veggies and nuts. It does not mean I am not eating grain at all. I am. Pasta is my addiction and I can’t say no to it. I will have it but in small portions. I am always having my pasta as the last thing.

– I will start with glass of cold water
– I will have small portion of fruits and veggies
– Then another glass of water with small plate of pasta

TIP! When you are making pastas change dish proportions. I will have a little pasta and always “mountain” of fresh vegetables with it.

spaghetti momsfitnessheaven6. Vegetable oil and canola oil – for starters 90% of them in the USA are made from genetically modified (GMO) plants, which is said to slow your metabolism and affect your health. Use coconut oil instead.

coconut oil7. Agave nectar syrup.  How many in health magazines you came across recommend agave nectar syroup? A lot! I have news for you. Agave nectar is nothing more than high-fructose CORN syrup and that makes it one of the top metabolism killers. Agave syrup contains 55-92% fructose which is the most metabolism damaging sugar.

8. Corn – corn-based foods and products should be banned as there is much more bad than good about them.

FACT! 85% of US corn is genetically modified (GMO)! GMO foods have been linked with higher cancer risk and allergies.

Corn is HIGH glicemic (high sugar) which leads to metabolic death. On the top of that, it will make you bloated, will make your body to retain water.

So, now you know what to avoid to stay on high metabolism and keep burning. Add to this food that will boost your metabolism and everything will be so much easier.



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