List of Fitness Sins

List of Fitness Sins

We all have been there and committed them. 

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  1. You have no idea how to eat properly in order to reach your goal
  2. You eat whatever you want just because you have worked hard
  3. You think taking supplements is key to your success
  4. You do “high repetition, low weight” workout
  5. You listen to advice of every person you know at a gym
  6. You perform ineffective exercises just because they feel easier
  7. You focus only on one part of your body
  8. You think cardio is the key to have great looking body
  9. You avoid high weights because you are scared they may make you look bulky
  10. You change your routines too often
  11. You never stick to something for more than two-three sessions
  12. You have started yet another diet this year
  13. You starve yourself

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