How To Train Transverse Abdominals

How To Train Transverse Abdominals 

Learn the secret of having a flat belly after baby.


Do you know that not every abs exercise is actually going to give you flat belly? Some of them may even hurt you.


During your pregnancy, pelvic floor and transverse abdominal muscles support your baby. After childbirth these muscle groups are weak and stretched, so if you are dreaming of getting your flat belly back you have to focus on transverse abdominals.

Why not crunches? The crunches make only rectus abdominals to work.  You can see now why some people don’t have any visible results even after doing hundreds of crunches per day.


Transverse abdominals (TA) act as stabilizers for lower back and core muscles. If they are weak you may get lower back pain.


TA is the deepest layer of your abdominal muscles and runs from hip to hip and horizontally from front to back. TA is your muscle belt or “natural corset”.

If they are weak your abdominal muscle wall will begin to move forward, pelvis will tilt forward and your lordosis will increase. In simpler words your belly will be huge and your back will be sore.


How to activate and train transverse abdominals?

  1. Bracing (isometric contraction)

You will tighten your Transverse Abdominals and hold them tight without movement for some time. If you have never done such a thing like isometrics imagine someone is just about to punch you in your belly. You will tighten your belly to avoid pain. That is your isometric contraction.

  • lie down on your back, legs bend, feet on the floor
  • hands alongside your body
  • tighten up your belly and hold for 10 seconds
  • release and repeat 10 times

 2. Vacuum exercise

This is similar to your isometric contraction but with a little twist. Imagine you are wearing tight dress, which is two sizes too small. Suck your belly in, toward spine as you were trying to hide your belly in that dress. Once it is sucked in, hold it like that for 10 seconds. Repeat 10 times.

3. Exercises

  • plank
  • side plank
  • bicycle
  • abs crunch on exercise ball
  • vertical leg crunch
  • reverse curl-up
  • yoga cat stretch
  • yoga down dog
  • flutter kicks
  • superman
  • full extensions with medicine ball
  • push up to plank row
  • one leg mountain climber
plank momsfitnessheaven


side plank mosfitnessheaven

Side plank

bicycle momsfitnessheaven


vertical crunch momsfitness heavenn

Vertical crunch


Down dog

high plank momsfitnessheaven

one leg knee to elbow- one leg mountain climber

Pick 5 of above exercises and perform then in 2 or 3 rounds. Either go for number of repetition or perform each exercises for 30 seconds. if you decide to go for repetitions do 15 for each exercise.

they are simple and i am sure you know every one of them. tomorrow schedule 10 minutes, grab a mat and have fun. start scalping you new body look.

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