How to Slim Down Your Calves Fast

How to Slim Down Your Calves Fast


The ultimate secret to slim legs

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Good morning everyone. How is your day so far? Do you have any plans for today? Maybe training session?


I have to share something with you. When I was in high school I joined local gym. My knowledge back then about human anatomy, physiology was shockingly low. Despite that I was sure (same like many girls now), if I skip they will not get big. It truly terrified me to thing that they may look “manly”.

With years of training, studying and a lot of practice I know that I was wrong. I also learned how to make my calves to look slimmer. Yes, it is possible.


With this few tips you can slim down your calves too.


How to Slim Down Your Calves




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Choose your cardio workout wisely. There is cardio (running, swimming, dancing) and there is Cardio (cardio intervals, running intervals, HIIT).

Interval based cardio workout and exercises are more effective when it comes to burning fat. You will burn effectively even up to 48 hours after your workout is finished.  Doing cardio activity and burning fat from all over the body is crucial to reduce fat also from calves.


TIP! Try to avoid cycling (with high resistance and intensity) as that may grow your calves even bigger.

cycling l


Good exercises;


  1. Side to side jumps

side to side

2. Skaters

skaters 1 skaters 2

3. Skipping


#resistance exercises


They are necessary to give your legs sleek look. Toned calves will look amazing. Use small weights for high number of repetitions. 3 sets of 15 repetitions in each.


Exercises for you;


  1. Dumbbell calf raises

2. Seated calf raises


#strengthen your lower body


Your body is a complex machine and if any of its parts become weaker, it will compensate by making other stronger (and bigger).


If your calves are big now it may be clear sign that your thighs, hamstrings, maybe even glutes (butt muscles) are weaker.


Make them stronger to take pressure of your calves. Don’t be scared to use weights.



Exercises for you;


  1. Dumbbell squats

squat mms


2. Dumbbell lunges

lunges k


3. Hip thrust




Your loaded calves need to relax, stretch, to get some length. Stretching your muscles will give them sleek look.




  1. Calves stretches

2. Yoga positions


  • forward fold
  • downward facing dog
  • triangle pose
  • extended warrior pose


#massage them



#reduce body mass


You want to have less around your calves area so you have to start by reducing calorie intake. Reducing calorie intake will reduce body fat everywhere. You will get slimmer, lighter and there will be less pressure on your calves.

If you slim down your calves will no longer have to carry on so much weight and therefore will get smaller. They will shrink on their own.


What to eat;


  • whole grains
  • lean protein
  • vegetables
  • healthy fats
  • fruits

as simple as it is. Get slim calves with no fear of exercises. It is pssible.

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