How to Multiply Your Workout Effect

How to Multiply Your Workout Effect

“What seems so hard now, will be your warm-up one day”

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You might be eager to jump into your workout routine and get over with it as fast as possible in order to focus on more pleasurable stuff. I know how we all don’t have time to do long workouts and most of us try to make it shorter. What if I tell you can have both, do your workout quick and yet make it effective.


Let’s say a group of us would do the same workout for a week time. One group would focus on a routine, plus super speedy fast warm-up and barely any cool down.

Second group would start with longer warm-up, performing routine and cool down.


I guarantee you that people focusing on warm-up and cool down will make the biggest progress. No question about it.

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Good warm-up wakes up your muscles and prepares them for hard work.

  • it will pomp oxygenated blood to your muscles
  • it will speed up your hart rate


Failing to warm-up


How many times you have seen someone spending a few moments on stretching and then jumping into their routine?


I am sure it did happen too many of us.


This is not really good way to prepare your body for a workout.


Stretching, especially static one does not do any good when it comes to worming-up and can affect your speed and strength.


Researchers from Louisiana State University has proven that static stretching before workout can diminish the peak force output.


This kind of warm-up will not prepare your body properly for exercises like running, cardio or strength training. Your results will be disappointing and the risk of injury higher.


Group of tested athletes have performed much better after dynamic stretch. The bottom line is: you should choose right kind of warm-up to the workout you are about to do.



Before cardio- dynamic warm-up;

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– Jumping jacks

  • Scissors
  • Jog on the spot
  • Dynamic squats
  • Skaters


Before strength training;

– perform 4-6 sets of major group exercise of the day. Example; for your leg day do 5 sets of squats


set 1 – 14 repetitions with 50% of your maximum weight

set 2 – 10 repetitions with 75 % of your maximum squat weight

set 3 – 4 repetition with 75 %  of your maximum squat weight

set 4 – 1repetition of maximum squat weight


Wrong type of cardio warm-up will;

  1. Affect your performance and effectiveness
  2. May fail to prevent injury
  3. Increase the risk of injury
  4. Reduce your strength


Good warm-up;


  1. Will bring oxygen to the muscles
  2. Will bring blood to the muscles
  3. Will significantly raise your body temperature
  4. Will give you more strength and power
  5. You will be able to control your movements much better


The secret to better performance and amazing training results is proper warm-up


Warm-up mistakes:

  1. Not warming-up your muscles enough. For example making a warm-up shorter and not intense enough like 1 minute walk before HIIT class. Going too easy or not long enough will lead to muscle strains, soreness or much worse.
  2. Overloading your muscles too much. For example lifting too heavy weights before your proper workout will tire muscles and as a result you won’t be able to perform as you would with a proper worm-up.


That is why I NEVER allow people to join any of my classes if they miss the warm-up. Period. No exceptions.


What about cool-down?


  1. It will prevent muscles crumps
  2. It will prevent muscle dizziness


A proper cool-down should not only slower your breath and help you relax, but also should lengthen your muscles. This is good time to do some stretching.

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Stretching after your workout will;


  1. Relax your muscles
  2. Lengthen muscles throughout your body
  3. Improve your range of motion
  4. Improve your flexibility

It is really that simple. Follow those tips and you will multiply your workout effect fast and effective. Are you doing everything by the book or you are rebel?


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