How to Lose Your Love Handles

How to Lose Your Love Handles

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The most frequently asked question by ladies is “How can I get rid of my muffin top?” Dear ladies there is only one answer to that: 80% DIET 20 % EXERCISE. Follow this rule and you will get slim waist.

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Where you should start?

There are 3 things you have to remember;
1. Eat right to lose belly fat
2. Exercise for strong core
3. Start healthy habits

Eat More Fruits and Vegetables
They are natural fat killers. They contain high level of fiber and water, and are low in calories.

TIP; start your day right with;
– Poached eggs with veggies
– Fruit smoothie
– Include vegetables in EVERY meal
– Choose fruits and vegetables that are in season

Looking for ideas? Try those;

Avocado Toast with Poached Eggs

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Fruit Smoothie

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Eat Healthy Proteins and Fats;

They will NOT store fat and will support building muscle tissue which will lead to boosting your metabolism and faster weight loss.
– Chicken and turkey
– Fish
– Eggs
– Tofu
– Legumes
– Leafy greens
– Avocados

Whole Grains and High Fiber Products
By eating them you will feel full for longer and you will not snack.
– Oatmeal
-Fruits and vegetables
Say NO to Processed Food
Processed food such as ready meals, take away, canned soups packed with sugar, sodium, white flour and preservatives. They are the main reason we have extra fatty tissue around waist.
– Cook meals yourself
– Make your meals simple
– Snack healthy- nuts and fruits
– Start with right breakfast- oatmeal’s, eggs, veggies
– Say No to soft drinks
– No crisps, coffee, alcohol

Your oats idea;

Almond Oats with Roasted Peaches

TIP; do not skip your breakfast. If you will, your body goes to ‘starving mode’ and will start storing calories for better times. Eventually will use your muscle tissue as energy source. That will lead to slowing down your metabolism and slower weight loss.

The best breakfasts to kick start fat burning:
– Poached eggs with veggies
– Poached eggs on whole grain toast with avocado
– Tomato, herbs scrambled eggs
– Fruit smoothie

Eat light lunch – salad is perfect choice

TIP; choose metabolism-boosting food. They will burn fat faster and speed up weight loss.

Exercise is only 20 % in your fight against love handles. Make sure your have balanced exercise program so you are not spending hours in the gym.
Core Exercises with Twists

Perform each exercise 30 seconds in 3 rounds.

30 seconds brake between rounds

Perform this routine 3-4 times a week
– Bicycles

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– Mountain climber

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– Russian twist
– Side crunch
– Rolling plank

rowling plank momsfitnessheaven
– Legs side to side

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Think of HIIT program for better result.
– Do it 3-4 times a week
– 30- 45 minutes max
Strength Training
– 3 times a week

– Hula- hoop class
– Belly dancing class
Relax and Distress
In stressed, tense situations, your body is releasing hormone called cortisol. Cortisol is proven to be responsible for you to get love handles.
– Relax
– Slow down your pace
– Try yoga, stretch, swimming
Sleep Better
– Sleep with open window
– Get your bed routine. Go to bed at the same time every day
– Eliminate distractions – electronic devices in bedroom
Drink more
Dehydration of your body is huge stressor.
-schedule your drinks with every meal
– drink extra during exercising
Eat Regularly
– 6 meals a day- 3 main plus 3 snacks
– Smaller portions
– Drink water during every meal
– Snack plenty
– Eat only when you feel hungry
– Ditch your diet, enjoy your food
– No alcohol

Follow those simple guideline and your love handles will shrink down and never come back.

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