How to Lose Last 5, 10 Pounds.

How to Lose Last 5, 10 Pounds.



The biggest struggle in any weight loss programme or diet is to lose the last 5 or 10 pounds. First 10, 15, 20 go down quick, but the first 10 you have

Put on is the most problematic to get rid of.


Those last pounds, are not a problem, they are just not looking good when you are wearing bikini.

They might be hard to lose, but with few simple tricks, you can say bye bye to them.


Here are 9 tips of how to loose your last 10 pounds and get nice body;

  1. Boost your cardio – try not to do only long cardio sessions. For a change;

–  Shorten your cardio workout and make it more intense.

– Change your routine – if you are doing the same workout for longer than 5 weeks, your body will get used to the intensity and moves


– switch your cardio routine

–  add something new to your workout

–  think of high intensity cardio interval training twice a week

– circuit class, grit class


  1. Weight training – if you have not done weight training until now, you should add it to your weekly routine. Weight training will build your muscles, and more muscles mean higher metabolism. That will lead to burning more calories and weight loss.

If you are already lifting, here are your solutions;

– Change routine

– Start using different machines in the gym

– Use different equipment – barbells, exercise/medicine ball, kettle-bell, free weights

– Change difficulty – instead of doing something witch feels right, do something that will change you. Skip traditional push- ups and try; push-ups on bench, push-ups on ball, diamond push-ups, push-ups with shoulder tap.

– Change training method- think pyramids, super sets, total body workouts or splitting your routine into smaller bits.

– Change weights- doing walking lunges feels quite comfortable and you can chat during performing them- increase your weights now. Feel your exercise, get challenged, feel your muscles melting.

chest press

  1. Eat more protein – if you were cutting your protein while exercising, your body might start burning muscle tissue as a fuel because lack of protein.


– Eat more protein – they will keep you full longer and you will not snack. They will boost your metabolism. The best source of protein are; chicken, turkey, fish, Greek yoghurt.


  1. Ditch your diet; diet is the worse thing if you are trying to lose weight. Getting your body into “starving mode” will slow down your metabolism.


–  eat 3 large meals plus 2 snacks daily

– eat only when hungry

-stop eating when you feel full

shake 1 moms fitness heaven

For more info go here;


  1. Eat carbs – by eating them right before right after your workout will make you feel full longer. Your body will use them as metabolism boosters and will speed up your recovery.
  1. Lower sodium intake – your last few pounds might be nothing more than extra water.



–           make sure your largest sodium intake is 1000 mg

–           stop eating processed food like pizzas, ready meals, Chinese food as they are high in sodium

–           start reading labels

–           try to detoxify your body with infused water


Go here for recipe;


  1. Increase speed – increasing speed in any kind of exercise will encourage muscle growth. As a result,you will speed up your metabolism, calorie burn, and weight loss.


–  try to run any distance as fast as you can

–   skip as quick as you can

–  sprint on spot as fast as you can

–  burpees as many as you can in 1 minute

  1. Fat killers you never tried;


Pilates/Yoga – it is amazing core and strength training. You will discover muscles that you did not know that existed. You will increase your flexibility and endurance.

Boxing – amazing combination of strength and cardio training. Your muscles will get lean in no time.

Cross fit.

  1. Drink water – glass of cold water 30 minutes before meal will do a trick and will fill you up. Cold water will also boost your metabolism and make you burn more calories.

More about boosting your metabolism is here;

You can do this. You have worked so hard until now; you have lost so much now, so that last 10 pounds will be like walk in sunny Sunday afternoon. Easy and nice.



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