How to Lose Pounds of Fat Using Weights

How to Lose Pounds of Fat Using Weights

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Hello fellow fitness maniacs. How is your fight to get fit, shredded and healthier body going? Hope you are all doing ok and have amazing results already.


Today I would like to share with you my favourite free weight exercises. I have picked my favourites ones, they are easy to do and you can do them anywhere.


All you need is dumbbells or kattlebell.


I know some of you are not friends with weights. Not yet anyway. But I guarantee you will love them by the end of this post.

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I also know from many of you, dear moms that you prefer to just jump on a machine in a gym and do 45 minutes of workout.


As much as I admire your commitment and the fact that you are willing to do your daily exercises, I have to say STAY AWAY FROM THE MACHINES. Of course, it is much better to do any exercises, even using gym equipment, than none at all but ….. They are waste of your time and you will not get results you want in the time you want.


FACT! Machines will isolate only ONE muscle when with free weight exercises you will be doing multiple muscle workouts.


Free weights such as dumbbells, kattlebell or barbell will challenge your body more than any machine, ever.


FACT! Free weights engage more muscles, increase range of motion and are safer (less injuries).


My top 10 favorite weight exercises;


  1. chest press





2. triceps extension



3. shoulder press- seated





4. arm rowing

00posing 9


5. side raise



6. lift with twist



7. side lunges

00side lungetwist


00twist side luncge


8. squat with front raise

00squat and lift


9. boxing

boxing momsfitness heaven

10. Russian Twist


0twist moms

TIP! For all the first timers it will be better to do all the exercises without any resistance first. Learn moves first and get the proper technique so you can perform better later.

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