How to Improve Your Cardio Fitness Level

How to Improve Your Cardio Fitness Level

Do you dream of being able to perform 60-minute cardio based activity at highest intensity level without a break?

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Goal – to be able to perform 60 minutes cardio at medium or high intensity and to burn more calories and to lose weight.


It is great to have something, a goal, a place you wont to be. Performing 60-minute cardio based activity at high intensity is hard and will take some time to achieve it. If you will push yourself too far at the beginning, you won’t be able to achieve that. Let’s be honest. It is impossible for beginner to survive 60-minute cardio at high intensity with hard options.

There are many things for you to do, so in less than 7 weeks you will be able to exercise like pro.


First, check how long you can do a cardio-based workout. Let’s say are able to go 30 – minutes at low/medium intensity. After 30 minutes, you are so tired, that you can’t even stand. That is your start point.


TIP; do not push yourself too much. One-step at the time. If you will rush things there is high chance you will be injured.


10% Rule


Every week you will extend time of your workout by 10%

What ‘10% rule’ means in practice? Let’s say you can do 30 minutes of cardio now. Next week you will extend your total time up to 33 minutes.


TIP: never, ever, under any circumstances do not increase intensity of your workout at the same day you have decided to make it longer!

In power, “10%” rules on Monday and on Tuesday or Wednesday increase your intensity.

How to do this?

I give you sample of less than two months plan to improve your workout time and intensity.

As you can see, I have added 2 strength training per week. I have done that, so you can improve your fitness level, strength, build some muscle and as a result lose more weight.

Tabelka Agatki momsfitnessheahen

Your 6 weeks improvement plan



For your cardio activity you can choose anything. Pick something you enjoy doing. Aerobic class, running, HIIT workout.  Gradually add few extra minutes to each workout and in less than 2 months you will be able to go nuts without any problem.


For your strength training mix upper body day and lower body day. Let’s say on Tuesdays you will exercise arms, back and abs. On Thursdays you will focus on butt and legs.


Put together simple circuit for your strength training starting with bigger muscle group and finish it with smaller ones. That way your training will be more efficient.

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