How to Improve Your Body’s Weak Spot

How to Improve Your Body’s Weak Spot

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You have been training a lot and still you are not happy with overall results. There is something you want to improve, but despite hard work it has not changed a bit?


For every single one of us the thing to improve will be something different. For you it might be a desire to have more toned arms, for someone else it might be rounder and more firm butt. For me, is to shape-up upper back.


Whatever your weak point is, unfortunately it is a result of improper training. Some of us will focus more on one part of the body, neglecting other one.

That is what has happened in my case. I did focus more on shaping my legs, giving them more attention and I have left my upper back weaker.


Good news is you can fix it easily and fast too.


First, determine what your weak spot is


Second; focus or train your weak spot more but not too hard in order to avoid over training. Set a rest day to give your muscles time to recover.


Third; Schedule workout.


You have two options here;


Option 1;    You add extra training of weak spot during a week


Option 2 ;  You include your weak spot training as an extra routine to your normal schedule.


Let’s say your weak spot is your butt.

Make sure there will be enough time between your normal butt training and your additional one. Have at least 3 days rest in between.


Monday – your normal butt training

Friday – your additional butt training


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