How to Improve Hunger Control During Weight Loss

How to Improve Hunger Control During Weight Loss

 Eat your way to a slimmer world

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Sticking to your weight loss diet is a number one problem. If you are starting a diet for the first time it may by hard. Here are some facts;


Only small number of people will go smooth with weight loss programme having no symptoms like:  hunger, cravings, energy deficits and tiredness.


Yes, they are lucky, very lucky. Unfortunately, for the rest of us (normal) people it is much harder.


You fail to lose your weight if you fail to keep your diet.


Hunger fighting strategies;

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  1. Get the majority of your energy from protein


About 30-40% of your daily energy should come from protein, lean protein. Yes, proteins are your best friend during weight loss. I believe protein is a magic food.

  • proteins reduce your appetite
  • they make you feel fuller
  • eat them in every meal

2. Eat carbohydrates

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  • carbohydrates increase leptin levels
  • balanced combo of high protein and carbs is your best weapon
  • get your carbs from vegetables, fruits and whole grains

3. Increase fibre intake

Fiber is the magic ingredient that would make your ‘toilet’ visits more pleasant.


  • fibre improves your digestion and keeps everything flowing smoother
  • get your fiber from fruits and vegetables

4. Go nuts

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  • they are good source of healthy fats
  • they are amazing source of protein and fiber


Regular consumption of nuts will significantly REDUCE your weight gain.

 5. Water, water, water

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  • water before, during and after meal reduces your appetite
  • it keeps you full
  • it boosts your metabolism
  • it detoxes your body
  • gives you nice, glowing skin

6. Say NO to high-glycemic carbohydrates


Those are your biggest enemies

 7. Stop eating when feel full

8. Eat slowly

9. Sleep long enough but not too long – it is simple, the less you sleep, the fatter you will get


Simply follow this guideline and everything will look simpler, easier. Pounds will stop dropping and you will get happier. Question is, can you control you hunger when it kicks in? What are your methods?

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