How to Get Rid of the Loose Skin

How to Get Rid of the Loose Skin

The best ways to tighten up your skin after weight loss

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If loose skin is what you are dealing with now I just would like to say: Congratulations!!! You have done amazing job. You have lost a lot and now there is just one obstacle left – loose skin. You know what? That is not really a problem and you will learn here how to fix it.


Our main focus is a loose skin that is left after either a weight loss or pregnancy. Very often this is the only thing that is ruining your perfect look. We can fix it.


What is the problem?


You have to understand that loose skin is just a loose skin

When it comes to toning and losing weight your waist, area is particularly stubborn part. For us, women, these areas also include hips, thighs and butt but the belly region is especially stubborn.


Test it;

  1. Find your problem area
  2. Pinch skin in that zone. Just grab few millimetres of it.
  3. If you can grab “few millimetres” it means there is actually more fat than you think. If that is the case, you still need to lose that fat. Period.
  4. That loose skin you have pinched is “paper thin” and looks wrinkled.


Solutions for loose skin;


  1. Build muscles

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Yes, strength training again. Until now you have probably focused on diet and a lot of cardio in order to lose weight. It is brilliant, but both of them, if not done properly, made you lose not just Fat, but also muscles.

If your diet was extreme and you drastically cut calories, eating enough just to survive, your muscles mass loss would be severe.


FACT! Low calorie eating will trigger “starvation mode” in your body. You will lose fat and weight BUT as a result your body would get that “loose, saggy skin” look.


Toned muscles will nicely fill that space under your loser skin area. Your body will look leaner, smooth and healthy.

2. Skin elasticity


During pregnancy, growing belly gradually stretched your skin for the whole nine long months. That is a lot. Loosing skin elasticity can be an issue especially for you, new moms, but also as years are passing by as a part of natural ageing process.


To FIX it start taking Gelatin Suplements. Eating 500mg  of gelatine daily will improve your skin elasticity. You can also eat gelatine rich food.


Vitamin C – is responsible for collagen formation which is a key factor for your skin elasticity.


FACT! Vitamin C can significantly reduce “wrinkling” of your skin and improve collagen formation.


Natural sources of Vitamin C;

  • citrus fruits; oranges, grapefruits, clementine’s, lemons, limes; kiwi and pineapple

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Supplements; take 2 grams   of Vitamin C supplements daily


My advice is to mix both. Get your menu packed with Vitamin C rich food first. It will not just improve your skin, but also it will help to further lose more weight. In addition to all to the above Vitamin C is responsible for improving your metabolism rate.

3. Lose weight gradually


You are eager to get back to your slim clothes, I know, I have been there myself however losing your weight too quickly may result in more loose skin. How? Well, fast and extreme weight loss will reduce fat and muscle tissue volume. As much as you want to say “good bye” to fat, it would be nice to keep your muscles at the same time.


FACT! Muscles will help you to keep your stomach and other body parts in shape.

4. Eat protein

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This is magic ingredient that has tremendous impact on your muscles growth. Proteins rich foods also contain Collagen which is an important nutrient that helps your skin remain elastic.


Daily recommendation for women can be found here….

5. Water

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Water has wonderful properties. Drinking plenty of it will give your skin healthy glow and elasticity. On the top of that it helps with further weight loss and reduces fluids retention around belly area.

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