How to Get Flat Belly in a Week

How to Get Flat Belly in a Week

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Few times I have been asked by ladies how to get flat stomach in a week time? Impossible you will think. Yes and no. For a long-term effect you will have to work at least 3 months before you will be satisfied. There is no miracle solution. To understand why, you need to know that what you are fighting against. It is a combination of fat stored around your stomach and poorly toned muscles.

Let us just assume you have family gathering in 7 days time and you need to flatten up your belly fast.


There are few tricks. I can share them with you to make your mission possible.


  1. EAT

berry chia smoothie

  • eat more often – 6 small meals. Make them light and snack a lot
  • eat 2 hours apart – you will feel full all the time
  • eat metabolism friendly food
  • avoid high fiber food – bloating one, such as;



Brussels sprouts


  • eat your fruit and veggies every 2 hours

strawberries 1

At one serving, eat no more than half of a banana, half apple and handful of strawberries.

  • avoid cow’s milk products – they may cause bloating.

Instead, try;

Almond milk

Goat milk


Coconut milk


  • eat food high in potassium ( natural diuretic) – try bananas, avocados, cantaloupe, papaya
  • 2.DRINK

water 3

  • water is your number one drink (cold water). By drinking a lot of it you will maintain proper fluid balance
  • drink metabolism boosting flavoured water – with lemons, cinnamon, ginger, orange, mint
  • try natural green tea
  • drink smoothies – the best are the ones with watermelon and pineapple
  • add ginger and cinnamon to your drinks – they will boost your metabolism
  • drink peppermint tea
  • NO alcohol
  • no carbonated drinks
  • no sweets with sorbitol (sweetener) – in sodas and sweets




  • cardio – forget about long cardio sessions. You are going to kill yourself. I propose to you one exercise. Every day perform Burpees. Every day do 100 of them. It is one exercise for the whole body. Make sure you do 5-minute worm up before it. Stretch after. Performing them will boost your metabolism and you will be burning for up to 48hous after you finish them. Don’t just do them. Really, push yourself hard. Think speed, explosive, power.
  • crunches
  • core

vsit up momsfitnessheaven



  • visualise flat belly
  • improve your posture
  • belly flattering clothes
  • shape wear


WARNING!   This is only for one week and definitely forbidden if you are nursing mom. Only for emergency. For long term, permanent solution starts regular exercise programme and smart eating routine.

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