How to Exercise to Maintain Results

How to Exercise to Maintain Results

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It takes a lot of time to get the body you dream about. You have been trying for a while now to get where you are and you would love to keep that body forever. Let’s face it. It took you few weeks or several months, maybe years to achieve your goal, but how long you can train 5-6 times a week? Do you know how to maintain that shape keeping your workouts to absolute minimum?


After childbirth, it can take anything between 6 weeks up to a year to get fit body back.

 That time depends on;

  • how fit you where before pregnancy
  • how fit you were during pregnancy
  • what is your goal
  • how much time you have to exercise

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So, yes whole process is time-consuming, but finely one day you will get your dreamed body and you would like to keep it.


It is possible!

It is scientifically proven that to maintain your physique you have to exercise only one day per week.


It is true.


Scientists from University of Alabama have proven that you will maintain your strength and fit look by exercising ones or twice a week. You will waste your results if you stop training completely.


That’s not everything. They have also proven that by training only one day per week you will still improve your physique and strength.


So, keep working because soon enough you will need just a small fracture of your workout time to maintain your results.


There are some rules;


For 1 day training, to maintain, you need;

  1. Increase training volume
  2. Maintain high intensity of your trainings
  3. Focus on exercises that engage the biggest number of muscles


  • deadlift
  • squats
  • military press
  • bench press

4. Have three minutes rests between sets

5. There are 3 sets in each exercise

  • warm-up – 3 sets
  • workout – in 3 sets

6.  You lift weights heavy enough to perform 4-6 repetitions only


Taht’s it, there is no secret weapon, just you and your strong will, commitment. Stay fit for long time with just minimum time.

Are you Ladies close to getting your perfect bodies? How close are you, or maybe you are already there? What is your way to keep your body for long?

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