How to Do Successful Weightlifting?

How to Do Successful Weightlifting?

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Doing weight training can be stressful and frustrating, especially when after months of hard work there is only little difference. Question I would like you to ask are: Are you doing right kind of exercises? Do you lift heavy enough weights? Do you exercise regularly or tend to miss your workouts? Do you support your muscle growth with the right diet?


Yes, you may have few doubts here and there, so let’s have a look if you do things right.

  1. Pick right exercises. Compound exercises will be the best i.e. squats, deadlift, military press.
  2. Decide how many days a week you want to do your training. 4-6 days is perfect.
  3. Start with right warm-up routine. Pick 1 exercise, for example squats, and perform 3 sets of them.


Set 1 – 50% of your maximum squat weight. 14 repetitions.

Set 2 – 75% of your maximum squat weight. 9-10 repetitions.

Set 3 – 90-95% of your maximum squat weight. 1 repetition.


Then your exercise starting with 3 sets of squats 8-10 repetitions

  1. Use right equipment. The most effective pieces of equipment that would give you the best results will be able to notice are simple barbells and dumbbells. Try to avoid using machines if you can.

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2. Track your progress

What is the point of going to a gym and do the same exercises for months without knowing if you have done any progress or not. How can you possibly remember every single session, weights used and number of repetitions you have done? Start writing it down, for example;

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Squats; set 1 – 50 kg – 9 repeditions

Set 2 – 55 kg – 8 repetitions

Set 3 – 55 kg – 8 repetitions


That way, at any time, you can easily check you did in the previous sessions and you know where to start now.

 3. Increase your weights


Yes, that is very important. If you are able to perform squats for 9-10 times it’s mean you have to go heavier. Increase your weights by 2.5 kg on each side. Try again and if it’s still not enough add another 2.5 kg. Your muscles should feel challenged and “sticking’ to easy, comfortable weights will take you nowhere.


 4. Eat right food

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Feed your muscles right and they will pay you back. Choose right pre and post-workout meal composition. More about it you can find here………….

5. Avoid injuries


  • maintain correct technique while performing your exercises
  • do not lift anything that is too heavy for you
  • do not skip your warm-up

 6. Recover properly

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Rest, rest, rest. Give your muscles time to recover. Stay away from a gym for a day or two. Make sure your muscles are fresh and ready for more when you come back.

After a while you will find yourself so addicted to exercise, gym any activity that it will feel like torture to rest. How long can you stay away from Gym? Are you addicted now or getting there?

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