How to Cut Sugar Out of Your Life Without Going Insane

How to Cut Sugar Out of Your Life Without Going Insane


Sugar has been hunted by millions of dieticians telling you how bad it is for your health. Overdosing sugar could surely harm to, but don’t panic. Everything in too large doses will harm you.

Stop panicking now, you don’t have to eliminate sugar completely from your life.


FACT! You just can’t eat all the sugar you want and get fit.

It does not work like that. I consider myself a fit person and yet I have some sugar every day.

FACT! You can’t avoid sugar. It is in most of foods you eat every day.

You should know that there is “good “and “bad” sugar out there. Sugar from fruits is good, when table sugar is considered bad.

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Sugar don’t make you fat, overeating does.

Giving your body more energy than it needs (in this case the energy from sugar) will make you fat. Period.


Let’s assume you are a sugar addict and at the moment you are consuming more of it that you should.

Here are 10 tips on how to reduce sugar intake without going crazy.


  1. Make a swap

Sugar is hidden in most of products: bread, sauces, cereal, drinks.It is almost everywhere. What you need is to do some digging.

Next time you are shopping, read labels and compare sugar content (%) in each one. If your usual brand is high in sugar find an alternative.

  • eat food with moderate or low amount of sugar
  • every food that contains less than 5g of sugar per 100g can be considered as a low sugar food
  • food with more than 15g of sugar in 100g is considered high sugar and you should avoid it

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  1. Drink


The more you drink, the less you will crave for sugary treats. Water will keep you full and it will flash out all the toxins from your system.



  1. Reduce it gradually


Cutting it all at once will not work. Try to reduce your usual sugar intake slowly. Take one step at a time.

You like to have chocolate bar after your dinner? It’s fine. Instead of eating whole thing, eat ¾ of it. Thank ½ of it a day after. Give your body time to respond and adopt.

Good thing is, the less you eat it, the less you crave it.


  1. Proteins


I can’t stress enough how important it is to eat some proteins in every meal. They are your assistants when it comes to getting fit, weight loss and more.


Eating proteins in every meal through a day will make you feel full, give you enough energy and will stop you from snacking.


Simply, protein will kill your sugar cravings.


  1. Eat regularly


By eating regularly you keep blood sugar at the right levels and that in turn will stop you from heaving unhealthy meals.


  1. Limit sugary, carbohydrate-rich food


Food such as (white); pasta, bread, rice, potatoes are on that list. They are high in sugar, scored high in glicemic index and they will slow down your metabolism.

By eating them you will get instant high sugar spike and energy kicks in in your system…but…all of it will drop even faster, leaving you craving for more. That is not what you want when trying to get fit.

Choose whole grain version of the food mentioned above.

Have you ever tried having oats instead of cereal?


  1. Cook yourself


A saying that you are what you eat is more than accurate. Do you actually know what is hidden in ready products or meals? How many times have you read labels?

Solution is: cook yourself.


You will have complete control over what goes into your body.


  1. No sugary drinks


It applies to all of them including orange juice because they are extremely high in sugar. Typical glass of a soda contains more than ½ of that same glass of sugars. That is a fact.


Ditch them and drink infused waters instead.

Make your own juices or eat fruits.


  1. Don’t skip breakfast


Do it right. What you have for your breakfast will affect the rest of the day. If you start with too much sugar in the morning, your whole day will be like that.


Have protein with some carbohydrates. That will give you energy, boost metabolism, stop you from snacking and overeating, and will clear your mind.


  1. Cleanse your life


  • remove all sugar based food from home
  • shop with a shopping list
  • exercise
  • drink water
  • distract yourself
  • stay busy
  • eat fruits
  • don’t shop hungry
  • picture yourself 2-3 weeks from now on
  • see benefits

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