How to Control Weight During Pregnancy

How to Control Weight During Pregnancy


Weight gain is a number one fear of every mom to be. It will happen regardless if you like it or not. The question is how to keep the gain as low as possible.


What if I tell you that you can control of how much you will put on during next 40 weeks? Will you try?


With my first pregnancy, I have gained 13 kg (28.6lb), with baby number two I have gained 30 kg (66lb). Now I am 13 weeks with my third one and I have gained so far 2 kg (4,4lb).


Why is there such a huge difference between first and second one? Well, I ate differently. With second one it was all about pasta, bread, pastry and sweet fruits.

That is where all those kg came from.

With my current one, it is only 4 lb so far because my diet is mainly focused on vegetables and fruits and of course lean protein.


Lets talk numbers



It is recommended to put on anything between 25-35 lb during whole pregnancy. How it will work totally depends on how you looked like before you got pregnant.


For slim, skinny Ladies – you should gain more than 35 lb

For overweight Ladies– you should go easier. Around 25 lb is your maximum


FACT! When controlling your weight gain during pregnancy you will be able to bounce back much faster.


Tips for controlling your weight



  1. Eat more often than usual, up to six meals a day. Those meals should be small but prepared in the way to keep you full. Pick good source of protein for each meal. For example;


Breakfast – milk + oats + fruit

Snack – nuts

Lunch – salmon with vegetables

Snack- cottage cheese

Dinner- chicken with vegetables

Snack- fruit smoothie


Protein should be everywhere in your menu. Add to it fresh vegetables, some fruits, nuts and good grains.


  1. Drink


Eight glasses of water a day, but if you feel like having more, it is ok. Add cinnamon, fruits, and mint into your water. That will speed up your metabolism. No sweet drinks or sodas.


  1. Exercise


Pregnancy is not a sickness and you can exercise up to five times a week. With my two previous pregnancies I exercised up to my due day. I am planning to do the same with third one too.


I do cardio mostly.


  1. Know what you eat


Know your food inside out. Personally, I am not a huge fan of calorie counting, but if that is what you like, go for it.

I prefer using GI index instead. My diet is based on low and medium GI


I completely cut out high GI based food for whole pregnancy.


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