How to Build Muscles and Lose Fat

How to Build Muscles and Lose FAT

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This is a simple guideline on how to organize your pre and post workout meals to get the most out of them and be happy with overall results.


  1. Prepare your post-workout meal

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Don’t wait for hours with having your meal after the workout. Instead have your meal within one hour after exercising.


You need to refuel your body fast with:

  • good quality source of protein – 1/3 of cup
  • good quality source of fat- ¾ of cup (coconut milk is one of the best options to burn fat and produce growth hormone)
  • good quality carbohydrates – 2 cups

 2. Eat a lot of protein throughout the day


For exact details and more info how to determine right protein for your weight and sex go to…….

3. Add raw dairy products like;

  • yogurts
  • kefir
  • raw cheese

They are amazing source of probiotics that help you digest better


Eat raw diary not pasteurize one.

 4. Get more vegetables in your diet.

They have all the vitamins and minerals that you need for a recovery

  • spinach
  • broccoli

 5. Learn to love; 

  • beets or beet juice
  • beans- kidney beans and black beans
  • fish – salmon and tuna

 6. Pre-workout food

Eat two hours before workout.

Eat fruit with some proteins and make sure it is light.

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