How to Boost Your Metabolism to Loose Weight

How to Boost Your Metabolism to Loose Weight

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You have made it. Had your beautiful baby, and he/she is growing nice.

You could not be happier. You already had started your exercise programme and still on healthy, baby friendly eating plan. Beautiful.


It is around 5 weeks now since you had your baby and scale is not going down any more. Your weight has got stuck at the same level. Panic. You are thinking, analysing, looking for mistakes and solutions. Brainstorm.


Someone tells you about low metabolism rate.


Ok. You have heard the word before. What that mean to you and how it helps you to get rid of your baby pooch?


So what is that metabolism?


It is nothing more than the rate at which your body burns calories. A faster metabolism will enable you to loose more weight than the person on the same diet, fitness regime and weight. It’s not fair. I know.


Here is why I do not like my husband.  His metabolism is so high that he can eat whatever he wants and nothing happens. He is skinny as a stick and his weight has been the same for the last 10 years. You should know that he does not eat – he inhales it and he does not exercise at all.


So, you might have slow metabolism, but you are not stuck with it. There are few things you might do to trick your body to burn more calories more efficiency.



Here is a list of 12 metabolism boosting things to try:

  1. Eat healthy fats – like dark chocolate, avocado, coconut oil, walnuts, flax seeds, salmon, and olives.

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  1. Weight training – weight training builds muscles which raise your metabolism and help you burn more calories throughout the day. Muscle tissue burns more calories than fat tissue. Muscles are metabolically active and use energy even when you sleep. When you move they use energy too of course. Can fat tissue do that for you?

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  1. Eat breakfast – skipping it might be reason why you cannot loose any more weight. Your metabolism will not go into “starving mode” with breakfast. Get your first meal of the day right: mix some protein, fiber, fruits, and you have the perfect breakfast.

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here is your recipe;

  1. Spices – cinnamon is a spice that increases your metabolism. All you need is ¼ of teaspoon of it daily. Try also turmeric, ginger, cardamom. Mix them with your morning fruit smoothie.
  1. Kiwi – it is underestimated fruit and fast can boost your energy levels and your metabolism.
  1. Drinks – cold, icy cold drinks. Drinking cold drinks (like water), makes your body to work much harder because it have to make that drink warmer in your stomach = use more energy.
  1. Eat less but often – by eating small, regular meals (3 main+ 2 snacks per day), can boost your metabolism
  1. Ditch diet – diet is your enemy. Start eating more meals that are regular and many snacks
  1. Caffeine – here is my secret helper. I am tea drinker. During a day I probably will have 6-10 cups of tea. This is my weakness and only addiction. Caffeine from tea or coffee can increase your metabolic rate up to 10% in just few hours.
  1. Cold – yes. Have you ever wonder why overweight or fat people are always wearing light clothes. Even during the coldest winter day they can go outside in just a t-shirt. When I go out on that very same day as they I have at least 3 layers of clothing and only my eyes are visible. Why is that?


If you have ever met me you know that I am always cold. I burn more energy because my body needs to keep me worm. So, if you want to get your body on higher metabolism rate turn down your heating and see what happens.

  1. Love carbs – how many of you have been on low carb diet?

Everyone keeps saying that carbs are bad for your diet. Did any of those people have told you that consuming carbs is good for your metabolism?  Probably not.

There is strong evidence that if you eat too much carbs – you will burn off the excess. However, if you will eat too much FAT it will be stored in your body.

Our bodies are design to use carbohydrate over fat.

So, as you can see it is not carbs but fatty extras which you eat are a big problem here.

There would be no low carb diet and no income to it founders if everyone knew that carbs can actually help you boost your metabolism. Simple.

  1. Aerobic exercises – it doesn’t matter in what form- walking, dancing or high intensity cardio. Make it short but intense and your body will burn more calories. Good news is if you decide to do interval training your body will be burning up to 24 hours from completing your workout.

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5 things that will slow down your metabolism:


  1. Diets – as I have mentioned before diets are bad for you. They are good only for big corporates as they bring them money.

Here is hypothetical scenario;

–           You will go on the diet

–           Your body knows you are starving and starts to slow down your metabolism to save some energy

–           After loosing some weight you will put on much more


Now, listen to me – start eating, enjoy food, be happy again.


  1. Being a woman – I am so sorry ladies, but I am afraid there is nothing we can do about that. Men are having more muscle tissue than we, so it is easier for them to stay slimmer.
  2. Alcohol
  3. Hormone imbalance – the thyroid gland is the key factor to our metabolism. Thyroxin, which is produced by thyroid, can determine how fast or slow your metabolism is.
  4. One large meal a day – don’t skip meals. There should be 3 bigger meals every day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Be eating 3 instead of one you will get slimmer. Wait, what?

Eating one large meal will slow down your metabolism because of insulin. Big meal will release a lot of insulin and then your body will receive message to store extra energy for later. That extra energy is nothing more than fat.


Those 5 things maybe look bad but truth is you can control most of them. It is your choice. There is many ways for you to boost your metabolism. Take one change at the time. Start by eating more metabolism boosting foods.


Here is a list of the best:

–           Water

–           Cinnamon

–           Garlic

–           Lemon

–           Ginger

–           Blueberries

–           Kiwi

–           Avocado

–           Sweet potato

–           Tomato

–           Beans

–           Apples

–           Spinach

–           Celery

–           Grapefruit

–           Flax

–           Coconut oil

–           Almonds

–           Soybean

–           Olive oil

–           Yogurt

–           Eggs

–           Oats

–           Fish

–           Cottage cheese


Ladies, we are not doomed yet and there is so many things that we can do to boost our metabolism and burn more fat. Let start making those changes from today and in no time we are going to be slimmer, healthier and happier.

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