How to Boost Your Energy During Pregnancy

How to Boost Your Energy During Pregnancy


Pregnancy is beautiful, but also tiring, and is a hard work for your body.  Tired, puffy eyes, big, always napping, that’s is typical picture of pregnant woman. Energetic pregnant woman- have you ever seen one? I know it is a quite rear picture.

What if I tell you there are ways to boost your energy levels and keep going until due day?


If you are one of those moms that are constantly tired and desperately needs to boost her energy levels, follow those simple tips;


  1. Eat right food – right food can boost your energy levels. Balance your menu right and going throughout the day will not be a problem.

berry smoothie momsfitnessheaven

  • Whole grains – healthy carbohydrates are amazing energy boosters.


Avoid; sweets and refined carbs as they will make your blood sugar to spike high quick, but will drop even faster, leaving you tired.


What to eat;



Whole grain bread

Brown rice

Oats with roasted peaches;


  • Nuts – try to pick nuts high in magnesium. Eat handful of them as a snack or add some to your oatmeal’s.






  • Eggs – (especially egg yolk) are amazing protein source. Proteins will keep your energy high whole day.


How to eat them;

  • poached egg on spinach
  • poached egg with avocado and toast
  • avocado toast egg

– Salmon


  • Apples – they are high in fiber. Fiber from fruits will keep you full longer, and will help with your digestion. All fruits are also high with good carbs.


Ideas; – apples with peanut butter

  • pumpkin – is high in potassium

Ideas:  – pumpkin with oatmeal’s

  • pumpkin with risotto
  • Cheese – is excellent source of protein, and high protein levels mean more energy.


  • cottage cheese
  • low fat milk
  • Greek yoghurt
  • low fat cheese
  • Water – mandatory as a low level of water will cause tiredness, dehydration, making you sleepy and weak.
  • peanut butter – is good source of healthy fats and protein


  • Whole grain toast with peanut butter and banana
  • banana on toast momsfitnessheaven
  • Banana peanut butter smoothie


  • Lentils – great source of fiber which gives you steady energy boost. They are also full of iron and magnesium.


TIP;    eat fresh food instead of processed one. Processed food is high with sugar, sodium and bad carbs. All of it will make you put on weight, make you hungry and tired.

porfait momssfitnessheaven

TIP; food high in Vitamin A, B6 and C is great to boost energy during pregnancy.

  • broccoli
  • sweet potatoes
  • bananas
  • chicken

The best source of lean protein;

  • milk
  • eggs
  • cheese
  • chicken
  • turkey
  • salmon
  • beans, lentils
  • quinoa
  • nuts and seeds

The best healthy carbs sources;

  • fresh fruits
  • fresh veggies
  • whole grain products
  • baked sweet potatoes

Get your iron higher;

  • spinach
  • soy products
  • lean red meat

Eating tip;

  • eat 6 meals a day- 3 large and 3 snacks
  • make small portions- large meals will make you sleepy
  • avoid heavy food, packed with sauces, creams and fool fat cheese.
  • snack smart
  • drink a lot of water
  1. Exercise

Exercise is the best energy source out there. Getting right combination of exercises is crucial. You have to be careful not to overdo it.

Right for you;

  • walking
  • yoga stretching
  • stationary bike
  • swimming

Exercise will improve your circulation, your body will get more oxygen and your energy will spike high.

  1. take a nap
  • go to bed early
  • have a good night sleep – no drinks 2-3 hours before bed, to avoid night trips to toilet. Trust me on that one. At the end of pregnancy your bladder feels to be the size of a peanut. Do not eat too much before bed to avoid heartburn.

TIP; eat food high in potassium to avoid night leg crumps.

  • bananas
  • kiwi
  • leafy greens
  • sleep with open window
  • sleep on your side
  • take 20 minutes power naps throughout a day

As you can see the is still hope to have fun and enjoy life while pregnant. Eat right, rest a lot, exercise smart and your energy will grow.

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